935 Lies Later, Bush’s Iraq War Quagmire

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President Bush lied 935 times as he pushed the war on Iraq.  To this day, he stands by his decision and makes no apologies for the mistakes in judgment that may have been made by his subordinates.  The faulty intelligence problem might never be resolved and with impeachment in “talk mode” rather than “action” mode.. there is a chance that the lies will die with the president.

President Bush’s 935 Lies – Iraq War and the War on Terror

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Bush Stands Behind Iraq Decision Despite Lies

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Everyone has read about the false intelligence used to sell the war in Iraq.  The President claims he had no idea that the intelligence was faulty or forced and had no reason to believe that he was being fed bad intel. by the CIA.  At the time, I remember how adamant President Bush was about the source and legitimacy of the information on weapons of mass destruction.

It turns out, President Bush told 935 lies leading to the war in Iraq.

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Barack Obama’s Top Ten Campaign Promises

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David Letterman’s Top Ten last night – read by Barack Obama

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The Whisper Heard ’round the World

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Someone whispered the answer to Mitt Romney as a question was being asked about Ronald Reagan — the guy he likens himself to. Some internet gossip suggests that it was Ron Paul blurting out the answer. Ron Paul is the only true Republican, so it wouldn’t surprise me that he knew the answer immediately. Why would he or anyone whisper the answer to Mitt Romney, though?

Was Mitt Romney Cheating During the Republican Debate?
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I heard the whisper during the debate myself and found it peculiar, I’m glad someone clipped it for all to see.

War In Iraq – Best Idea Ever!

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You’d think that our crop of Republican candidates would have the guts to call a spade a spade, but they know that they’d get slaughtered in the election if they flip flop on the war issue. It’s now not only a “legal war” that was pushed because of a perceived “imminent threat”, but it was a good idea from the start. John McCain’s only beef is with the handling of the war after the excellent execution in toppling Saddam Hussein (and destabilizing Iraq in the process).

GOP candidates say Iraq was a good idea from the start.
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New Hampshire Election Fraud Caught On Tape

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Ballots were not placed in the vault and the so-called “Seal” did not actually seal the ballots in the container.

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If only politics were this funny

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I’d love to see this happen to a politician! I’ve seen birds poop on people, but never in someone’s mouth!

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War on Terror, the Board Game

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It’s amazing what people will do to make money or “learn”.  Look at this image, from the list of the “world’s most controversial board games“.

the War on Terror Board Game

War on Terror, the Board Game

Barack Obama Engages America’s Youth

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 An American Revolution? un-American Revolution? 

Barack Obama’s Revolution!

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Most Profitable 2007 Biz: it’s an Oil Company

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Don’t forget, these are the “good guys”. They wouldn’t gauge you or profit off of America’s struggles. All those problems you are experiencing at the pump have to do with our global war on terrorism and shortages manufactured by those vile Saudis!

Most Profitable Company of 2007: Exxon Mobile

“The oil giant racked up $39.5 billion in earnings last year, the largest-ever profit in U.S. history. That figure topped the previous record of $36.1 billion, also set by Exxon Mobil, in 2005. Profits were up 9.3% from the previous year, while sales rose 2.2%.”

CNN has the top 20 list for most profitable companies, feel free to check it out after you are done breaking your property in a fit of rage.

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