Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Exposes President Bush’s Lies

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It shouldn’t surprise anyone that President Bush has been lying about Iraq, war and the cost of his political agenda.

In 2005, a Nobel prize-winning economist began the painstaking process of calculating the true cost of the Iraq war. In his new book, he reveals how short-sighted budget decisions, cover-ups and a war fought in bad faith will affect us all for decades to come.

Retired Major General Walter Stewart Cries A River Over Clinton Comments

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I’m the last person you’d find defending Hillary Clinton’s lies, but the latest headline of the NY Post was a bit too much for me to contain myself.  If you’re unfamiliar with Hillary Clinton’s latest “misstatement”, she basically said that in 1996 she landed in Bosnia under sniper fire.  The media has made much over the issue and rightly so given how she responded to the Reverend Wright nonsense with Barack Obama.

Here’s an excerpt from the NY Post: “Now Bunko Hill Is Under Fire

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s lies about risking her life under sniper fire during a visit to Bosnia as first lady have infuriated the US military brass and troops.

“She has no sense of what a statement like that does to soldiers,” fumed retired Maj. Gen. Walter Stewart, the former head of the Pennsylvania National Guard.

“She is insulting the command in its entirety,” he said yesterday.

Are you kidding me with that public comment?  Just as politicians should keep away from the day-to-day affairs of the military, the military should stay the hell away from politics because they have no business spreading propaganda in that area given that they receive a paycheck from the U.S. government.  It’s not even the fact that the Major chose to interject his commentary into this most irritating Clinton situation.  The fact that Mr. Walter Stewart would suggest that soldiers are demoralized and insulted by Hillary’s stupidity is dumb.

My first thought was man the heck up Walter, or would you rather me pull out my violin and play a sad song so you can tell us what else you feel?

The Troops Salute President Bush

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At least that’s what the propagandists say.

Families, friends and loved ones are furious with President Bush and the majority of Americans that haven’t fallen prey to our partisan propaganda believe Bush’s time is up.

If you need motivation, just take a look at what happens, war is real it isn’t a fantasy:

Soldier disfigured

anti-China Propaganda

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I’m as anti-China as the next person when it comes to human rights issues.  However, now that President Bush has driven the U.S. into the ground and ruined our reputation, I don’t think we have any right to try and police the world on any issues.  Until we get our own house in order, we need to keep our mouths shut because we just look like a bunch of hypocrites.

China getting ready

Reporters Blow Whistle On Fox News

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It’s not against the law to falsify the news

YouTube Preview Image

So if it’s not against the law to falsify the news, Rupert Murdoch can pretty much use his money to air any propaganda that fits his agenda.  In fact, that is exactly what Fox News does – perpetuates the myth of a “liberal media” in order to get away with rolling as a conservative propaganda machine.

5 Years Too Many, Protesters Are Tiring Of Iraq

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“I can’t believe I’m still protesting this shit!” The photo says it all.

five years too many

President Bush Desecrates American Flag

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Pushing illegal wars, encouraging war crimes, lying to the American people, are only a few of his violations of his oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  Sadly, the image below is only an illustration of a minor violation of the U.S. Flag Code.

Bush desecrates American flag

Hillary Clinton calls DNC un-American to ignore FL, MI

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Alright, haven’t had time to post on this blog for a while, but Hillary Clinton just made a statement that is really irritating.  She basically talked about how it would be a grave mistake for the Democratic party to ignore Florida and Michigan.  She’s essentially willing to give up the Presidency to Republicans before she gives up the DNC primary to Barack Obama.  Republicans are loving it and that’s all fine and good, but the issue is that this process is bigger than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Whatever the DNC does, if the candidates had any heart they’d simply support the decisions of the party.  Now, to use rhetoric to poison the people and manipulate the outcome is just despicable and Hillary Clinton should be ashamed.

Barack Obama, the White House Hero

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Lots of pictures have been released with Barack Obama as the “star”, here are a few that went viral recently:

Barack Obama outside the White House

Cool Obama  - White House


Barack Obama, Jedi Master

Jedi Barack Obama


Barack Obama, All-American Action Hero

Barack Obama Hero

Trivializing the Welfare State or Truth?

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I had a friend offer to buy me a “Homo For Romo” t-shirt that he found when he bought an “18-1″ T-shirt with the Patriots logo.  Here’s another beautiful gem, I thought it was funny and appropriate for this site.


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