Republicans got what they deserved!

November 4, 2008 | Filed Under Uncategorized | 7 Comments 

It’s already starting to look bad for Republicans and I can’t say I am surprised.

Mitch McConnel is barely squeaking by Lunsford for the minority whip’s seat at this point in the polls. Elizabeth Dole is on the ropes and falling mightily after her recent Godless advertisement. Democrats across the board are doing very well and Barack Obama seems to have the advantage over John McCain.

Here are a few words that I hope we can purge from our vocabulary over the years to come:

“un-American” to refer to people who do not believe in neo-conservative ideas.

“Terrorist sympathizer” when referred to Americans who appreciate international law, diplomacy and peace.

“Godless” for anyone that doesn’t subscribe to the evangelical movement and right-wing religious policies.

There are many more words, but you probably get my drift.  I’m sick and tired of the propaganda that pervades the media and blogs of the left and right.  Hopefully, over the years to come we can all band together to continue the fight for liberty, privacy, and freedom from government intrusion into our personal lives.

To those who know me personally,  I stopped posting on this blog because I have a bit overwhelmed by the negativity that exists in the political scene and I simply needed a break.   That said, my disgust with American government and the two party system is enough to drive me to continue pushing policies and ideals that I hold dear.

If anyone would like to publish articles on this blog, please get in touch with me so we can talk it over.  I’d love to find some partners to help push the movement for liberty in America.