The United States is in dire need of Revolutionary change.

Without your help, this revolution may never happen because we have leaders that are too afraid to challenge the status quo and those that are sympathetic to a revolutionary movement are bought by corporations and lobbyists for special interest groups. Every American I know loves America in some way, it is an important nation for many reasons, but not every American knows how to love America properly.

Many Americans are ignorant of their own history, they are blind to the foundation of our nation on principles that helped spur our sacred Constitution that invigorated our founding fathers and gave birth to this wonderful Democracy. Americans today, are fat on money, life, and cheese and have forgotten the great struggles that our ancestors have gone through to promote freedom through revolutionary ideas and change.

What is this revolution about?
The Revolution is first and foremost, about promoting change, but more importantly, it is about YOU. This Revolution isn’t just for the Americans who hail from libertarian and liberal circles that are already being branded TERRORISTS by their own country under Republican leadership. This Revolution is for the conservatives that have lost their party to radical nuts who will stop at nothing to change the way we live and have damaged the reputation of our nation beyond repair. At this point, what we can do is start learning about our history, about the present and where our nation is headed. We need to understand that we live in a world that belongs to everyone, not just Americans. Globalism is key to the future of our world growth and it’s time to stop acting like arrogant pigs and start respecting the people who belong to the world and should have a say in its future.

My fellow Americans, I love you and I love my country, but I am not proud of America right now. This is not the nation I grew up in. This is not the America of JFK, Martin Luther King, this is not Ronald Reagan’s legacy, and it certainly isn’t the nation of President Bill Clinton. We are all part of a failed American Democracy now and we need to restore its prominence. This country belongs to “the people”, but it also belongs to the world. What we do with our economy, our laws, and our acts are very important to the world community. I can tell you that people all over the world, not just in the United States, are desperate for change, REVOLUTIONARY change.

I’m not advocating a revolution of violence, so I hope the NSA can stay out of my business, but I am strongly advocating a revolution of ideas. If we don’t change our mindset and our ways, we are going to lose and it will have a terrible effect on the United States and World. It’s time for Americans and World citizens to come together and set this country straight.

Accepting Torture? Rejecting Habeas Corpus? A president calling the Constitution “a piece of paper.” Imperialism? Intolerance? This is NOT the America that any of us know. This is not our nation and we have the right to protest and reject political attempts to change this country into a fascist State. If you want to know how you can help, you can start by spreading the word of this website. You can start by making sure that people who feel like I do, and I can tell you there are hundreds of millions of Americans in this category,… that it’s time to stand up against the status quo. It’s time to fight the establishment. You can call me extreme, brand me a terrorist, you can label me and torture me but I am never going to subscribe to the ideals that President Bush and his idiot friends have promoted in two horribly embarassing terms in American presidential history.

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