President Bush’s kids aren’t dying in Iraq

November 18, 2007 | Filed Under Activism, political 

Many Americans hate the fact that the President is so quick to promote war, but none of his kids are in harms way. The President dismisses the criticism since his children are daughters, but even if they were sons there is no way in hell that they’d be fighting in the President’s war right now. Look at Mitt Romney, he has something like five sons and not a single one is involved in the military or shedding blood like the rest of America’s children.

His kids aren’t dying

The worst part is that most of the children happen to come from poorer families, some people don’t have a choice if they want to provide and put food on the table. The fact that Republicans are so pro-War and happen to be the last to the political table when it comes to fighting for veteran’s rights, the homeless and poor, is really disturbing. Have they no shame?

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