Bush promotes terrorism, commited treason

November 15, 2007 | Filed Under Activism 

We all love America, but our leadership has lost its way. Not a single American forgets the people who died on September 11th, but there is a difference between the “never forget” crowd and those that know what America stands for. Some Americans feel no shame in exploiting God and country. It’s wrong, I would like everyone to call out the “Patriots” that choose to exploit the flag in order to continue pushing unjust laws.

In my view, many of these “Patriots” are murderers, they are complicit in the crimes of the Bush Administration and they support the shedding of our American soldiers’ blood in order to promote their misguided policies. For a few of them, it IS about safety and security, but not all of them. This War in Iraq has become about territoriality, oil, it is about pride, greed and partisan politics. Until we recognize that fact, we will continue to have a battle waged between “the Patriots” and the “unAmericans.” A few years ago, the President told us all that we had to make a choice.

“You are either with us, or against us.”

I am here to say whole-heartedly, with my hand across my heart and my mind on the American flag. I AM NOT WITH YOU MR. PRESIDENT. If you want to call me a terrorist or anti-American for denying you that courtesy, then do so. I am not your follower, I do not support your vision of America. I believe YOU, sir, are a great source of “evil” in the world. You are just as misaligned as the terrorists you are seeking to destroy. You have become one of them.

President Bush, you have deceived and betrayed the American people and it is time for the world and Americans to stand up against your brand of terrorism. Your fear of Al Qaida and suicide bombers is no excuse for promoting American terrorism. The fear you carry every day, the encouragement of government sponsored terror that you push regularly, it is unacceptable. President Bush, members of your administration have committed treason, lied to the country, ‘outted’ federal agents for political reasons, and if any other person had been responsible for it they may be in prison right now. Your fear, your hate and ignorance of American history are no excuse for your treasonous ways.

Below is a video of the first Super Bowl post 9/11, Mariah Carey was brilliant

YouTube Preview Image

Indeed, America means something different to all Americans. The national anthem and flag should unite the country, but it doesn’t. Right now our nation is strongly divided due to the actions of “patriots” who claim to love America more than any other. They’ve destroyed our constitution and are responsible for our fragmented United States. While it may seem counter productive to take the “patriots” head on, if it’ll shed light on the behavior and practice of exploiting God, Country, and “the troops” ™, then it needs to be done.

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