Dennis Kucinich Movement Meets Strong Resistance

February 8, 2008 | Filed Under Activism 

What does the establishment do when it meets strong resistance to its political agenda?  Corporations pour money into defaming, destroying and removing the “threat”.  Dennis Kucinich is under fire, he’s been one of the loudest voices against the illegal war in Iraq.  He has also attempted to push impeachment against President Bush, a true American hero will meet his match over the months that follow as he runs against a Republican for his congressional seat.  It’s not just any race, however, he’s being outspent 5:1 and needs help to defeat the opposition.

Below is a message from Dennis Kucinich.  It illustrates just how low neo-cons will go to keep anti-establishment figures out of government:

Cleveland, Ohio, a city which represents all of the challenges and potential of the American economy, is rightfully the focal point of the Ohio Democratic presidential primary on March 4. The candidate who can deliver an economic platform with solid programmatic initiatives for jobs, health care, education and retirement security can win the state and be on the path to the nomination. Of course, I am no longer a candidate for president. When I was continually locked out of presidential debates, it became apparent that there was no chance. At the same time, labor in Cleveland asked me to come back and defend the 10th District congressional seat.

The FEC [Federal Election Commission] reports released last week show that in the Democratic primary, I am currently being outspent by a margin of 5-1.

Corporate Cleveland has organized its considerable resources behind a candidate who has had a three-week television campaign of a “Swift-boat”-type distortion of my record. I have always felt that the seat never belonged to me, but belongs to working men and women and their families, who are entitled to representation in the Congress, especially given the corporate domination of both political parties.

It is particularly ironic to see the same Cleveland corporate development interests at work trying to take a congressional seat for their own profit, when 30 years ago they used their power to send the city of Cleveland into default over $15 million and then used the default to defeat my reelection bid as mayor! This $15-million default is now dwarfed by the handouts given to each of the same interests by the current city government. Back to the future!

What happens in Cleveland is, of course, relevant to the entire nation. Somewhere, somehow people have to win a victory over corporate control and corporate greed. Cleveland is a great place to begin. And this election is a perfect time to start.

Kucinich under fire

You can visit his campaign website:

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