Fuhrer Bush, no love at home or abroad

November 25, 2007 | Filed Under Activism, political, propaganda 

Calling President Bush a Nazi is pretty boring, but it’s ‘out there’. There are many Americans who aren’t very knowledgeable about history, nor do they understand why it is a bit awkward to refer to Adolf Hitler vs. George W. Bush as one and the same. Aside from the unsophisticated level of the attack, you may as well call Bush a girl or gay, nazi? Seriously lacking in the creativity department.

Bush Fuhrer

The simplicity of the attack aside, it’s interesting how far Americans and citizens of the world have come in hating the American President. President Clinton was loved everywhere outside partisan circles. When he traveled throughout the world, everyone wanted to be a part of history, to just capture a single moment that they’d cherish for life. Americans would fall over themselves to see Clinton or shake his hand. President Bush on the other hand, is very unpopular! People see the fascism creeping into American democracy, they blame him for our loss of rights. They also see the Iraq War, failures, costs, dead soldiers, as strongly representing what this administration is all about. Pair that with fear-driven policy and you have “Fuhrer” George W. Bush.

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