a day in Iraq funds 34,904 scholarships

November 14, 2007 | Filed Under Activism, political, propaganda 

Interesting strategy has arisen out of the Iraq War.  We all know what an unpopular war it has become, now Democrats are trying to show how much it is affecting our country in ways beyond lost lives and taxes.  A single day in Iraq is enough to fund almost thirty five thousand educational scholarships.

Iraq War vs. Education

President Bush is constantly reminding citizens that we need to make a sacrifice, “for the troops”.  He tells us that we are in no position to spend money frivolously and he wants to get the nation back into fiscal responsibility.  Yet, at the same time, government contractors who are buddies of the administration are making off like bandits.  In a way, you could argue that the administration is stealing from tax payers and the very troops they claim to support.  He takes our money and gives it to his friends and to corporations like Haliburton and Blackwater, both of which are up to no good.   Democrats used the same strategy during SCHIP, but it didn’t work out as the Republicans in congress are more interested in partisan loyalty than helping Democrats ‘succeed’ by any measurement.

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