Is it time to pull out, yet?

January 15, 2008 | Filed Under Activism, Humor, political 

These protesters seem to think so:

President Bush doesn’t have a lot of friends left!

bush screwed everyone

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3 Responses to “Is it time to pull out, yet?”

  1. Steven Fuentes on November 12th, 2008 5:40 pm


  2. Viswanath on December 5th, 2014 6:42 pm

    The quoted pasasge does not imply that it is unAmerican not to attend college (a somewhat bizarre proposition, btw). Rather, it implies that it is unAmerican not to finish high school Obama went on to elaborate that by more than a high school diploma he means (at least) a year of further schooling, which does not have to be college but could be, e.g., vocational training.

  3. Alpay on March 8th, 2015 5:06 pm

    Thank you for your post Army Vet and your service to our Country!As the great-great grand dathuger of Col. Michael Wiedrich (1820-1899), a commanding officer during the Civil War, and as the sister of an officer in the United States Air Force who has served two tours in Iraq and as the sister in law of a retired US Marine, who served in the first Gulf War, I have always felt a deep sense of pride for my family, as well as all American men and women in our Military and I am very grateful for their sacrifice to their families and for their dedication and brave and courageous service in the name of American Freedom and Democracy! Thank you Army Vet, for your service! You have all fought so that we can remain free and I will always be grateful to you and all of our American Service men and women and their families. I believe Mrs. Obama was expressing, exactly what I felt the night Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. I felt a deep sense of pride in a way I had never felt before towards my country, because for the first time collectively as a nation I thought we had moved beyond race, because in that moment it “felt” we had collectively made a choice to elect a man based on the content of his character, his background as an educated, measured and serious person who understood the challenges we had ahead of us and he offered the best solutions to the problems we faced and we had collectively looked beyond race being an issue in American society and our modern American culture. That feeling and sense of pride swelled up inside me and made me feel in that moment that anything was possible – that anything for anyone was possible and my heart overflowed with the strongest sense of pride for all of us – the country over, we were collectively standing as One Nation and my God we were indivisible as A People!I thought the election of President Obama sent a message of how far as a nation we had come, and I felt so very proud and filled with joy for our country in a way I had never felt before – it was pure amazing grace to me! It’s was what my great, great grandfather fought for during the Civil War and it’s was what my Mother cried for when Martin Luther King was taken from us! As a child, my Mother wanted me to know how lucky I was to be born a white American girl in 1961 because life in America was not so easy for anyone that was not a white man she told me! And, I remember the marching and fighting going on all around me for the rights and freedoms she told me I was going to have as an adult woman one day because this was a fight for women’s rights and civil rights and equal rights and protections under the law that was happening in American cities across our nation, including ours! I was scared and I didn’t understand but she comforted me when she told me sometimes change comes long and slow, but it comes and we must never give up and we must never lose hope and faith that justice always comes for everyone in America because that is what our Founding Fathers wanted for every single American, including blacks and women she told me we were all meant to be FREE! She told me to always take a stand for those who had no voice, to always take a stand against those who would seek to deny another person’s EQUAL right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness! She told me to always take a stand for myself and my freedom because it came at the cost of all those who came before me and died without ever having had it in their lifetime! My great, great Grandfather would have been so proud to see how very far we had come since the Civil War when he lead a battle at Gettysburg at the mornings first light so that “all men could live free” and now here we were, election night 2008 and the first American Black man became President of the United States and my heart was overflowing with the memories of childhood and the words of my Mother and all those who fought so hard so that I might be free as a woman, so that we all would be free, so that we would all be treated EQUAL! I think I understand what Mrs. Obama meant, because I “felt” it too back in 2008. But, my sense of pride for us as a nation, for what we have achieved as a nation, for finally looking beyond race when we elected the first Black President was never meant to take away from the deep sense of pride I feel as an American nor did it change the way I feel towards our American Military then, or now and why would it? And why was it implied back in 2008, that Mrs. Obama was referring to our Military when she talked about her sense of pride as an adult American woman in her country? The thought never even crossed my mind to tie her words to our Military! It’s hard to understand the experiences of others when we have never walked in their shoes and empathy is always lost in our national political discourse it seems when there are votes to be had. I take huge issue with any national political figure and people like Mrs. Palin who would demean, disrespect and use any member of our American Military or their families as a means to her end to slam our beloved First Lady who has dedicated her time in the White House to the families of our American Military men and women across our great Country, and to America’s children everywhere while also being a dedicated and loving Wife and Mother to Our President and their children! Thank you again, Army Vet for your post and your dedication and service to our Country! Peace,Pink One

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