Jesse Ventura For President!

April 2, 2008 | Filed Under Activism 

Ventura made some great points in his interview on the Larry King show.  He calls the war on drugs ridiculous because we go after drugs on the demand side rather than the supply side.  He ribs on Lou Dobbs for being so anti-Mexican and demanding the borders be closed.

“The fence that goes up to keep people out, 10 years from now will be the fence that keeps people in.”

Jesse Ventura was gutsy, his frustration was evident in saying that every President that he’s been under has lied to him.

“This isn’t the first war we’ve been lied about.”

Larry King interviews Jesse Ventura

YouTube Preview Image

I think he made a lot of new fans after last night.  The poll at the end of the show said 85% of viewers would love to have him run for president.   I have to admit, he won my heart and mind with that interview, he’s got my loyal support in whatever he decides to do.

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  1. Keith Arnold on December 26th, 2009 7:38 pm

    Jesse Ventura For President! YES YES and STOP NEW WORLD
    ORDER Too. It time to clean up their ass out

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