Beware the man-bear-pig!

November 29, 2007 | Filed Under Activism, Humor, political, propaganda 

There is a political genius that comes from the writers of South Park. They’re self described libertarians, and I think a lot of their material is very funny. Some of the issues they harp about though are pretty dumb. I understand they are comics first, but there is an agenda there, they really are political activists at the core.

Check out one of their classic assaults on Al Gore, here’s the picture that’s gone viral a number of times.

man bear pig

The anti-Gore sentiment doesn’t come from the libertarian side, it’s more of a neo-conservative sentiment that has become a cornerstone of the GOP as a result of the polarization of American politics. Below is a clip from the infamous south park episode:

the Man-bear-pig episode, South Park – 2007

YouTube Preview Image

Funny episode, but really, why the heck do they hate on Gore so much? By the way, when the polar ice caps melt, there won’t be much time to enjoy your favorite south park episode,…. BOO!

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