Religion will be the end of all mankind

November 18, 2007 | Filed Under Activism, political, religion 

Some people are waiting for a natural disaster, or “the Apocalypse”, or some other predictable way of ending life on earth. I think it’ll be religion, we provide the institutions with so much power and leaders refuse to use it for positive goals other than to promote their own religion at the expense of others. The problem with religion is that by believing that one religion is “right”, religious institutions see this as an invalidation of all other religions and philosophies as “wrong”.

Taking a page out of President Bush’s propaganda, this world will likely see its end come to a “Mushroom Cloud”, but not because of terrorism as we know it today. It’ll be because religious leaders are so eager to destroy other religions and the flock of people who follow their ‘leaders’ will stop at nothing to bury the opposition. Some day, nukes will be in the wrong hands and everyone will pay for the hate, intolerance, and evil that humans promote in the world under the guise of “religion.”

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Religion, being as personal as it is, creates so much tension, hatred and anger in the world. The best thing we could all do is start encouraging our leaders, religious and otherwise, to start playing nice and stop bedeviling everyone else. When we spit on others, we should expect they will spit back on us. When we drop bombs and intervene in middle eastern affairs, we should expect that they will want revenge. This is a never ending cycle of violence when leaders refuse to step back into a birds eye view and accept life, history, and international relationships for what they are.

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