Is Rudy Giuliani a terrorist?

December 5, 2007 | Filed Under Elections 

President Bush is often labeled a terrorist for using fear tactics to push his foreign policies. Treason has been used to describe some of the actions he and his administration has committed while in office. Now Rudy Giuliani has a chance to become our next President. There are so many similarities between Bush and Giuliani’s personalities, that I’m afraid of having this man as our President. This week, enough Giuliani allegations were raised that he might be done on the political front, but could you imagine what a guy like this would be like as our President?

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I’m not saying this is a clearcut case of Rudy being evil, I know a lot of Republicans love the guy, but I happen to think he’d be a step in the wrong direction. If you’re going Republican, I’d have to put my support in the Ron Paul or Mike Huckabee baskets. If you absolutely must be hardcore pro-War, take John Mccain, at least he has a sense of what it means to be American and has a respect for the Constitution that some of his colleagues do not.

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