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December 19, 2007 | Filed Under Elections 

“Warm and Fuzzy” Ron Paul? Ron Paul won’t play games with America’s future and pander to special interest groups.

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In the second half of the interview, Ron Paul makes Neil Cavuto sound like a fool after he flings a ‘Gotcha’ question at the sharp Congressman from Texas!

Neil Cavuto asks:

“There are reports that your campaign received a $500 dollar campaign donation from a white supremacists at west palms beach? Your campaign had indicated that you had no intention to return it. What are you going to do with it?”

Ron Paul says:

“Hmm, it’s probably already spent, why give it back to him and use it for bad purposes. I’ve never even heard his name I’ve never even heard of it. You know when you get 57,000 donations in a day are we supposed to screen them and find out their beliefs? He sent the money for my beliefs and if he’s promoting my viewpoints and my attitudes why give it back to him if he has bad viewpoints and I don’t endorse anything that he endorses or what anybody endorses, they come to me to endorse freedom and the constitution, limited government, so I see no purpose for me to start screening everyone that sends money.”

Neil Cavuto then asks

“So congressman, when you find out it’s a guy who runs Stormfront, white pride worldwide, now that you know after the fact you still would not return it?”

Ron Paul is brilliant, he basically said it makes no sense to take money from someone with good intentions to refund money to someone with bad intentions. He argues that it is pandering to the media and there are far worse corruptions happening. Ron Paul fires back with the military industrial complex that sends millions of dollars and robs the tax payers in the process. He continues to hammer on about the immorality of government, the special interests, the wars, inflations, and undermining the prosperity of the country.

Ron Paul has the right idea. Enough is enough, politics is for bullshitters and I’m not going to bullshit you. He hopes to bring us freedom and exudes a zest for life and liberty that we’ve not seen before, save the nonsense ads and gotcha’ questions for someone who cares.

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