Stolen Election in 2004 a possibility

December 15, 2007 | Filed Under Elections 

This has been in the news for a while, good chance it’ll never be resolved but at least we know how important it is to secure our voter’s rights in the future. This is especially true as we move towards “convenient” voting facilities and use electronic methods to conduct elections.

Ohio’s Secretary of State announced this morning that a $1.9 million official study shows that “critical security failures” are embedded throughout the voting systems in the state that decided the 2004 election. Those failures, she says, “could impact the integrity of elections in the Buckeye State.” They have rendered Ohio’s vote counts “vulnerable” to manipulation and theft by “fairly simple techniques.”

Indeed, she says, “the tools needed to compromise an accurate vote count could be as simple as tampering with the paper audit trail connector or using a magnet and a personal digital assistant.” In other words, Ohio’s top election official has finally confirmed that the 2004 election could have been easily stolen. Brunner’s stunning findings apply to electronic voting machines used in 58 of Ohio’s 88 counties, in addition to scanning devices and central tabulators used on paper ballots in much of the rest of the state.

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