Ron Paul gagged during You Tube Debate

November 28, 2007 | Filed Under Elections 

Ron Paul was receiving cheers and the crowd seemed to appreciate his responses on some of the political issues, but he was constantly interrupted and it almost seemed like CNN was making an effort to undermine his message. It was a good debate for Republicans that suddenly have discovered diversity in their answers and even shifting towards the main stream. However, it was a bad day for the American voter. When men like Ron Paul are gagged because the answer he’ll give isn’t popular or satisfactory to the establishment, our Democracy is no longer clean.

We have to face the facts, we’re living in a tainted democracy. The freedom that we fight for is no longer the freedom that our ancestors and founding fathers were seeking out. They’d be ashamed of us, and frankly, I am ashamed of what the United States is becoming. We’re living in frightening times, some day, America will realize it and I just hope when that day comes, it won’t be too late.

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