Ron Paul wants government out of our lives

December 9, 2007 | Filed Under Elections 

Who doesn’t want government out of their lives? We’ve been so conditioned to believe that it’s OK for the government to intervene in our daily lives that Americans have a hard time comprehending Liberty. Isn’t that crazy? The land of the free has such a hard time with concepts of libertarian thought because we’ve become so reliant on government dictating what is acceptable that we have no point of reference for how to deal with true freedom.

John Stossel interview with Ron Paul

YouTube Preview Image

Among others, Ron Paul wants federal government to stay out of the following issues:
1) drug war
2) marriage
3) prostitution

“When you defend freedom, you defend freedom of choice and you can’t choose how people use that freedom. I don’t think government can legislate virtue,…”

When you try and reason it out, everything makes sense. He is a highly intelligent man and is having a profound impact on the minds of the young. Not only that, the nerds are out in full force, finally a candidate that they can relate to. What’s not to like?

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