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December 23, 2007 | Filed Under Elections 

Tim Russert Interviewed Ron Paul on Meet the Press

Tim Russert was a bit hard on Ron Paul, it almost seems like he wanted to shame him into conceding on certain libertarian positions. Ron Paul stood his ground, though, and I think he did just fine.

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Clash of Ideas – Tim Russert’s Bias Was Apparent

Ron Paul needs to lay off of the “abolish the department of education” line. I understand why he says it and what he expects to benefit from it, but for mainstream America, the rhetoric is too easy to drum up on education. Any Democrat that is worth a damn would destroy Ron Paul in debate on issues like education. It’s not that a Democrat is right or the Department of Education is the solution to all our problems, but it’s the way the arguments are made. I’m a huge fan of Ron Paul, but I think John Edwards (A lawyer) would destroy him if he is taken out of his comfort zone (liberty).

Advice For Ron Paul From a Fan

America loves Ron Paul because of the liberty arguments and freedom message, but not all Americans equate liberty with completely dismantling government. This dismantling of certain government programs and functions would take decades if not a century to accomplish. As such, baby steps are necessary to introduce some of these ideas to the public. When directly addressed on the issues that main stream America favors, a strategy of dealing with them is needed. Generally, Ron Paul is great on his feet… but it would be a good idea to consider why the majority of Americans are addicted to government waste and how best to ween them off the government-sponsored crack.

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