Stolen Elections, Rigged Machines, and Fraud

January 10, 2008 | Filed Under Elections 

Over the years, plenty of information about hacking machines, software hacks, and how easy it is to rig an election and ‘hide’ fraud has come to light. Most of the discussion that goes along with this information is done in a “theoretical” light. There is some cause for concern, however, as voter fraud and election tampering is a reality in the United States.

The programmer in the video below was asked back in 2000 about developing ways to ‘hide’ the results of fraud. Getting rid of a paper trail was the first step. He worked for NASA, Florida Department of Transportation and testified about the unimaginable. He was asked about information that would assist in ‘rigging’ elections and hiding results of voter fraud.

Rigged USA Election – Ohio in 2004 was “hacked”

YouTube Preview Image

“The exit polls should not be significantly different from the vote.”

I found that statement interesting because of the fact that New Hampshire had some voter discrepancies where the actual vote count was highly inconsistent with exit polls and pre-election polls. Also, there were some irregularities that were noticeable when comparing hand-counted ballots versus Diebold machine counted votes in NH.

Pundits generally wrote off the discrepancies as one of two things: 1) people were dishonest in the exit polls; or 2) pollsters made an error in judgment about the undecided voters in NH.

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