“The Surge”- Truth Or Propaganda? Pick Your Poison.

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“The Surge” Propaganda

Most of us are intelligent enough to know that “surge” is nothing more than rhetoric used for the purpose of supporting a failed reconstruction in Iraq.   Even if you choose to believe that the surge is something more than a word used to characterize a failing strategy in Iraq, the fact of the matter is that circumstances in Iraq are no better than they were five years ago.

Desperate Republicans know that they have everything to lose if Democrats wrestle power away from them in 2008.  This so-called “surge” that John McCain has tied himself to is the latest in a string of cleverly manufactured propaganda strategies that will earn him points with the party loyalists, but won’t win him any elections.

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The lacking security aside, remember that the “surge” (TM) was not just a ‘positive’ way to characterize a build up of troops when America wanted withdrawal, but it also coincided with hundreds of billions of American tax dollars dedicated to paying off the opposition factions in exchange for short-term peace.

What purpose does short-term peace serve anyway?  The only purpose that makes sense is one that would help sculpt world and American public opinion on the matter.  Bottom line, John McCain has tied himself to a political theory that borders on the fraudulent and does nothing to improve our situation from a security or economic standpoint.

Even worse, we’re all at home living a lie.  Meanwhile, our soldiers are put in harms way and their way of life is a nightmare that none of us could ever truly understand.  Time to get rid of the pro-war bums and turn the page on Iraq.  One thing we must all remember is that it might not get much better than the current dire situation, but it certainly could get worse.

“The Surge” please, what a bunch of crap!

Bush Provokes Democrats On “Terrorist Appeasement”

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President Bush seems intent on staying in the spotlight as the general election approaches.  Today, he called Democrats on their policy support that amounts to “appeasing terrorists.”  He further called people who oppose the war “delusional” for thinking that they can negotiate with terrorists.  Joe Biden called Bush’s comments “bullshit”, no doubt Obama and Clinton agree with him on this matter.

What the heck is wrong with ole George W.?   Can the man not go quietly into the night?  Shouldn’t President Bush try and keep a low profile and be glad as heck that he hasn’t been impeached or incarcerated for war crimes?  I guess I’ll never understand politics because it seems that Bush is making a big mistake by coming out and continuing the terrorist fear speech that has helped dip his approval rating to below 20%.

note: I haven’t posted on this blog in a while, time has been a bit tight.  I intend to pick it up and post a bit more frequently, thanks to my readers for continuing to subscribe and support this site.

Bush Hitler Reference, Gotta Love The Irony

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The man and vision that many “liberals” and “un-Americans” have likened to Hitler and Nazi Germany is now giving lessons to the world on the danger of “appeasing terrorists” like “some” wanted back when Hitler was around.

Here’s a picture that seems more in touch with reality and world opinion.

Bush is Hitler

 President Bush’s values and appeal to nationalism and patriotism are so much more in line with Hitler than any “terrorist-appeasing” Democrat.  Both men resorted to insisting on wars of aggression to deal with “potential threats”.  Both led a movement that divided people based on nationality, party lines and patriotism.  The men are easily among the most delusional we’ve seen reach the highest levels of government and that includes Saddam Hussein.

If you want a bit of more delicious irony, George W. Bush actually has ties (his grandfather) to Hitler’s rise to the top.   I guess the bottom line is this: Bush, no one cares what you have to say, please go to your ranch, get old and die so the rest of us can move on with our lives.

When did gays become second-class citizens?

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Hot off the presses, it looks like California will continue leading the way on equal rights issues and gay rights.

California Ban On Gays Overturned

The news should take away some of the attention from the national election to the issue of gays and marriage.  The California Supreme Court has overturned the ban on gay marriage, setting a precedent for other states to potentially follow their lead.

According to CNN, the California Supreme Court struck down the State’s ban on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional.  The case came about when several gay couples joined the city of San Francisco and gay activists in suing to overturn the state law.  The law allows marriage to exist only between a man and a woman.  Essentially, it defined marriage as consistent within the religious meaning of the word rather than one based on individual rights.

Can gay rights make it passed the more recent blurring of church and state lines?

There should be plenty of resistance to this outcome from religious and conservative groups seeking to “preserve the sanctity of matrimony.”  This creates a very interesting political question because it pits two constitutional concepts against one another.  (Religious Freedom vs. Privacy)

Looking at this issue from a religious perspective, the problem with creating a law that defines marriage as anything but a man and a woman goes contrary to biblical teachings.  That is because homosexuality is deemed a sin as per Christian teachings and if the state allows an act illegal in “the eyes of God” then the State Law is contrary to biblical law.

Equality for all, live and let live?

The secular response of course is that religion should have no place in development of laws that govern the people.  This is the stance I’d take, particularly because I appreciate more of a “live and let live” philosophy.

Despite the partisan dialogs that will inevitably take place, should religious leaders simply denounce such unions and move on?Why do religious advocates insist upon government intervention on this issue?  If non-Christians and a part of the Christian base believe the state should stay out of the bedroom and/or provide equal rights for everyone, including gays, why are we so behind as a society on this issue?

A New Brand Of Pissed-Off American

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I am just one American — of hundreds of millions of frustrated Americans — who really hates the new brand of “American Patriots.”

Just this month, Hillary Clinton explained why she believes she is a “better American” than Barack Obama.  John McCain, an American war hero blasts the “anti-American” Americans for not “supporting the troops,”  while Barack Obama clumsily trips over his own brand of Clintonian (Bill) rhetoric and no doubt has his idea of what it means to be an American.

Nationalism Kills

Patriotism has given rise to corporate fraud — see the home mortgage crisis, corporate bailouts and the economic death and resurrection of Bear Stearns.  Patriotism has allowed war crimes to occur with some regularity and go unpunished, while the merits of using torture are now fair game in a scholarly debate.  The average Joe has no problems with torture “because terrorists do it, why shouldn’t we?”  The words torture, treason, illegal, and “cover-up”  barely register on the American radar of justice anymore.

Reality Of American Politics and War

Here’s a reality check for all you woe-is-me propagandists who are focused on these trivial issues that are being used to divide Americans and control the outcome of the 2008 election: American men and boys in uniform are being blown up in the middle east while oil companies are making record profits and our government looks the other way!  Despite myriad American failures, patriotism has allowed an administration to get away with murder, so-to-speak.   Though we, the great Americans, may not see it, the rise of international hatred of Americans is becoming a concern for our government.  Patriotism has destroyed our ability to think about problems and solve them in the name of true justice or liberty.

Despite the illegal invasion of Iraqi soil, the continued illegal occupation of Iraq, the witness accounts of torture and mass murders of civilians by contractors, our media continues to focus on the words of pastors and the cries of American “patriots” who claim to be offended by elitism.  Maybe they haven’t been paying attention, but it is the “elite” that have been running our country for hundreds of years.  Don’t think for a second that you can find your way into the White House without being wealthy and very well-connected.

The betrayal and lies that have allowed propaganda to pass as “debate on the issues” needs to stop or the American spirit will forever break.  Do you still want to talk about how a Yale grad running for President is more or less “elite” than some Harvard grad?  Can we step back for a moment and talk about the real problems?

Iraq War Angers Grandma

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Protesting Iraq War

Best President Ever!

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Infamous President George W. Bush

At NATO, this picture is very telling of his popularity world-wide.

President Bush Hated

It isn’t just his reputation that is in the gutter, the United States is the laughing stalk of the global economy and if not for our history and “super power” status, we’d be lucky to be invited to world events.

Did FBI Murder Martin Luther King, Jr?

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I’m not a conspiracy buff myself, but among the recently declassified notes that the media had a field day with were a hint of how terribly petty and corrupt our FBI was under J. Edgar Hoover.  The wiretapping and propaganda perpetuated in the wake of 9/11 to justify illegal spying on Americans is reminiscent of MLK’s times.

From AlterNet: “the FBI has some explaining to do abou MLK

“Dangerous,” “evil,” “colossal fraud,” were the choice terms that then FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and other top FBI officials routinely spit out about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. They didn’t stop at name calling. They talked ominously of “neutralizing” him as an effective leader. And even more ominously they sent him a letter flatly saying “King you are done.”

For all of the praise that Martin Luther King, Jr. has received over the years, you would never imagine the FBI having a role in his assassination.  What was it about him that the government feared?  Was this all a ploy concocted by racist white people in charge?  Was it yet another Republican conspiracy in the making?

The FBI’s name calling, paranoid harassment and violent threats brutally and disgustingly captured the secret and patently illegal wiretapping of King. This is not smoking gun proof that the FBI had a hand in King’s murder. The tapes do raise the legitimate question: What did the FBI know and when did it know about possible attempts on King’s life?

Why rehash the past, we’ll never know what really happened.  Is there any new evidence of government corruption?

Americans certainly deserve to know the whole truth bout the killing of King. But there are two truths about the murder. The first is painful for those who fervently believe that James Earl Ray was a Lee Harvey Oswald-type patsy and that the government orchestrated King’s killing. Yet, the evidence is still overwhelming that Ray was the triggerman. His fingerprints were on the alleged murder weapon. He was at the crime scene, and he confessed. At different times before his death, Ray gave conflicting, confusing and muddled accounts of his activities and whereabouts at the time of the murder.

The one certainty is if citizens ever found out that the federal government and its agencies had a role in killing prominent political figure MLK, Jr.  or even JFK, Bobby Kennedy, and other prominent political figures, the country might end in chaos.  Maybe chaos is what we need to spur an American Revolution, perhaps it is time to refresh the tree of liberty?

I rarely comment on comments, but below is an excerpt of one of the users who posted on the site linked above.   There was a time when intellectuals could toss around words like “conspiracy theorists” or “wing-nuts” or “crazy”, but after everything we’ve see from the Bush Administration, those words should be placed in a deep fryer and obliterated.

The best evidence that the FBI was involved in Dr. Kings murder is by what is not in their files. They had whole teams of agents following him around for years. The scumbag conservatives today still love to talk about all the evidence they collected (through illegal wiretaps) of his alleged indfidelity. They have page after page of records of every single time he moved from one place to another and almost every time he sneezed.

But they don’t have any evidence of what happened the day he was murdered. No surviellance reports from the teams of agents, no audio recordings from his hotel room. Where were the brave FBI agents who were supposed to protect and serve that day. Shouldn’t they have rushed from their hiding places rendered first aid to Dr. King and boldly apprehended his killer red handed. Oh, that’s right Hoover said that he didn’t have any agents there that day. Yeah right, that dog don’t hunt. Whether they stood down to let it happen or pulled the trigger themselves they are still involved. I’ll never have any respect for the FBI until they take the name of that racist self-loathing crossdresser from their headquarters and make amends for all the crimes they have committed over the years.

Jesse Ventura For President!

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Ventura made some great points in his interview on the Larry King show.  He calls the war on drugs ridiculous because we go after drugs on the demand side rather than the supply side.  He ribs on Lou Dobbs for being so anti-Mexican and demanding the borders be closed.

“The fence that goes up to keep people out, 10 years from now will be the fence that keeps people in.”

Jesse Ventura was gutsy, his frustration was evident in saying that every President that he’s been under has lied to him.

“This isn’t the first war we’ve been lied about.”

Larry King interviews Jesse Ventura

YouTube Preview Image

I think he made a lot of new fans after last night.  The poll at the end of the show said 85% of viewers would love to have him run for president.   I have to admit, he won my heart and mind with that interview, he’s got my loyal support in whatever he decides to do.

The Troops Salute President Bush

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At least that’s what the propagandists say.

Families, friends and loved ones are furious with President Bush and the majority of Americans that haven’t fallen prey to our partisan propaganda believe Bush’s time is up.

If you need motivation, just take a look at what happens, war is real it isn’t a fantasy:

Soldier disfigured

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