Media Propaganda Trumps Intellectual Discourse

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WSJ Not Seeing The Big Picture

I knew the moment that Rupert Murdoch snatched up the Wall Street Journal to beef up his media conglomerate, it was destined to go the way of Fox News.  We have issues so important to our country, including a catastrophic national debt, a mess in the middle east, poor public education and health.  Yet, despite what Barack Obama refers to as “the urgency of now,” the media wants to roll with non-sense theories about whether Obama is too thin to be elected.

“In a nation in which 66% of the voting-age population is overweight and 32% is obese, could Sen. Obama’s skinniness be a liability? Despite his visits to waffle houses, ice-cream parlors and greasy-spoon diners around the country, his slim physique just might have some Americans wondering whether he is truly like them.”

It doesn’t end there.  I’ve no doubt that the author was trying to write a light, fun piece on Barack Obama’s electability and wasn’t looking to provoke a serious conversation.  However, the message that the media is sending to the masses is that America is in such good shape — pardon the pun — that we have the luxury of discussing frivolous issues this election cycle.    Then again, when campaigns are engaging in the “who played the race card first” debates and promoting political ads that attempt to liken Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, maybe I’m asking for too much from the press.

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If you read through the article, you can see that there is clearly an agenda being laid out.  This article is about a lot more than Barack Obama’s “fitness” and whether or not a fat America will warm up to him.  Here are a few statements attributed to “Hillary Clinton supporters.”

“He’s too new … and he needs to put some meat on his bones,” says Diana Koenig, 42, a housewife in Corpus Christi, Texas, who says she voted for Sen. Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary.

“I won’t vote for any beanpole guy,” another Clinton supporter wrote last week on a Yahoo politics message board.

So beneath the superficial and ludicrous theme of the article in one of America’s most prestigious news sources, there is a bit of propaganda being subtly pushed.  Of course, for Republicans who enjoy neo-conservative leaders, it would be in their best interest to continue pushing the buttons of Clinton supporters to try and sway them towards their main man John McCain.    For the GOP, the best they can do is play on the prejudices of the masses and through outlets like Fox News and the Wall Street Journal to an extent, they can tell people how to vote.

Regardless of the strategy invoked, Barack Obama will be painted as being different from everyone else and his behavior will be declared unacceptable.  It’s sad that following a primary that involved intellectual thinkers like Ron Paul, Hillary Clinton and maybe even Mitt Romney to an extent, all we’re left with is a conversation about nothing.  I guess Seinfeld was able to make a career on that particular theme, perhaps our future President will too.

Jesse Ventura For President?

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Larry King interviewed Jesse Ventura last night and had a number of interesting questions for the former wrestler-turned-politician.

Mr. Ventura spent most of the interview trying to turn the conversation to revolution and the sham that has become our political system.  He called for destruction of all political parties and said people shoud run on their own merits and that it is the two-party system that has harmed our country, he pointed at the economy and war in Iraq as a joint effort by both parties and insisted that he would never participate as long as the only options for president are Republican or Democrat.

“I never vote Democrat or Republican,… I will pick someone else, a libertarian on the ballot. Someone else. I will not vote for a republican or democrat. I don’t do it every election — I wish they would allow none of the above on the ballot.”

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Ventura says he won’t run for President because the bar has been set too high for independents.

 ”they make an independent like me jump through 50 different hoops,… every state has different things you have to do to qualify to get on the ballot”

In addition to the criticism of our democratic system for being unfair to independent thinkers, he insisted that he wasn’t bitter about his prior withdrawal from politics.  His wife was suffering from illness at the time and he said he would put his family before anything, it was a no brainer he contended.   In all, Jesse Ventura looked like a strong prospect for an independent or libertarian run.

Ventura was certaintly not lacking in enthusiasm, although some of the analysts brought a bit of their ideology to the debate and it did take some of the wind out of his sails.  He wanted no part of the Hillary Clinton / Barak Obama primary discussion, although he did say he respected and admired Hillary Clinton as an intelligent politician, he had no interest in talking about the system in place.

Is it possible that Jesse Ventura will run for President?  No, not very likely, but he did say that if the sham system were replaced with something fair that no candidate would stand a chance.  He called Republicans and Democrats afraid of him because they know that he could beat them with his hands tied behind his back.

Retired Major General Walter Stewart Cries A River Over Clinton Comments

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I’m the last person you’d find defending Hillary Clinton’s lies, but the latest headline of the NY Post was a bit too much for me to contain myself.  If you’re unfamiliar with Hillary Clinton’s latest “misstatement”, she basically said that in 1996 she landed in Bosnia under sniper fire.  The media has made much over the issue and rightly so given how she responded to the Reverend Wright nonsense with Barack Obama.

Here’s an excerpt from the NY Post: “Now Bunko Hill Is Under Fire

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s lies about risking her life under sniper fire during a visit to Bosnia as first lady have infuriated the US military brass and troops.

“She has no sense of what a statement like that does to soldiers,” fumed retired Maj. Gen. Walter Stewart, the former head of the Pennsylvania National Guard.

“She is insulting the command in its entirety,” he said yesterday.

Are you kidding me with that public comment?  Just as politicians should keep away from the day-to-day affairs of the military, the military should stay the hell away from politics because they have no business spreading propaganda in that area given that they receive a paycheck from the U.S. government.  It’s not even the fact that the Major chose to interject his commentary into this most irritating Clinton situation.  The fact that Mr. Walter Stewart would suggest that soldiers are demoralized and insulted by Hillary’s stupidity is dumb.

My first thought was man the heck up Walter, or would you rather me pull out my violin and play a sad song so you can tell us what else you feel?

Hillary Clinton calls DNC un-American to ignore FL, MI

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Alright, haven’t had time to post on this blog for a while, but Hillary Clinton just made a statement that is really irritating.  She basically talked about how it would be a grave mistake for the Democratic party to ignore Florida and Michigan.  She’s essentially willing to give up the Presidency to Republicans before she gives up the DNC primary to Barack Obama.  Republicans are loving it and that’s all fine and good, but the issue is that this process is bigger than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Whatever the DNC does, if the candidates had any heart they’d simply support the decisions of the party.  Now, to use rhetoric to poison the people and manipulate the outcome is just despicable and Hillary Clinton should be ashamed.

Barack Obama, the White House Hero

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Lots of pictures have been released with Barack Obama as the “star”, here are a few that went viral recently:

Barack Obama outside the White House

Cool Obama  - White House


Barack Obama, Jedi Master

Jedi Barack Obama


Barack Obama, All-American Action Hero

Barack Obama Hero

Bill Clinton is a Hope Monger

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I’ve argued it before, and I’ll broach the topic again because it’s relevant to the times.  Bill Clinton was the Barack Obama before the liberal messiah made it to the fore-front of  American politics.  I’ve always had an affinity towards Bill Clinton and deep inside lays this hope that if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, he might rub off on her with his good politicking and charm.  However, Barack Obama is already that person that Bill Clinton was in a lot of ways.  Though Obama does knock on the Clinton years at times, the truth is that the two men are very much alike in their ability to electrify crowds, think independently and appear presidential.

Bill Clinton in 2004, on the politics of fear and hope

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How Hillary Clinton Can United America

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Sometimes a headline just catches your attention, and this article’s title certainly caught mine.   Senator Clinton can unite the country by dropping out now!

Change you can Xerox

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Hillary Clinton almost had a big moment during last night’s debate

In what looked like, possibly the best moment of last night’s debate for Hillary Clinton with the audience at the edge of their seats, Clinton bombed on a one-liner.  Hillary said that if this primary election is going to be made on words, then they should at least be your words.  The audience was rowdy and sounded like they were going to give Clinton a standing ovation.   What happened next was typical of what has happened throughout this Democratic primary.  Hillary didn’t stop while she was ahead, she wanted to go in for the kill.  “That’s not change that the people can believe in, it’s change you can Xerox…” After that statement, Clinton almost got booed off the stage!

Here’s a clip of Hillary’s moment with a rebuttal from Barack Obama’s supporters regarding her lifting of previous phrases.

“Change you can Xerox”

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What does this segment of the debate tell us about Hillary Clinton and the democratic party?   Not a whole lot because it’s a lot of the same old bickering between two prominent candidates that most Democrats share an affinity towards.  We’re starting to see a trend from audiences that show up to these Democratic debates, it seems like more than anything they want both candidates to come out “winners”.

Die-hard Democrats are still holding out hope for a “dream ticket.”   I’m not so sure that Hillary Clinton would be ready to play second fiddle, unless of course you take into account that she would be in a great position to be president in 2016.  Barack Obama isn’t ready to be a VP either and with or without the VP slot, because of age, he may be in a position to run this campaign again if he doesn’t win the nomination.

Barack Obama “Words, Just Words?” Speech

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Milwaukee – Wisconsin, Barack Obama fires back at Hillary Clinton for continuing to attack Barack Obama on his speeches.  Obama calls out Clinton on the negative attacks and says that the American people don’t want this, they want someone that can inspire people to work together to solve problems.

Barack Obama “Just Words?” Speech

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Up until now, Hillary Clinton has had no answers for Barack Obama’s surge in momentum.  Her negative attacks are coming off as sour grapes and shooting down idealism and the promise of hope is dangerous for any politician, post-Bush.

Could One Viral Video Destroy Hillary Clinton?

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The video below has the potential to devastate Hillary’s chances at cracking the youth vote, recall Howard Dean’s yelp heard ’round the world? This is much worse!

How NOT to attack Barack Obama’s “Yes We Can” campaign:

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The following is a political opinion, so relax!

Hillary Clinton needs a solution to Barack Obama’s avalanche of support

It’s no secret, Barack Obama’s campaign is inspirational and moving America like no other since JFK and MLK Jr.  Barack Obama is the greatest news to happen to the Democratic party since the nation was prospering (socially and economically) under Bill Clinton’s leadership.  Hillary Clinton’s biggest problem with liberals and independents is (or was) her stance on the war.  Couple her conservative streak with the twinkle in Barack Obama’s eye and it is easy to see where this race is headed.

 Just to be sure, let’s look at Barack Obama’s video that reaches out to youth

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Barack Obama Will Win The DNC Nomination: Clinton needs a Miracle

Suffice to say that super delegates would send America into a further state of disarray if they decide the election for “the party of the people.”

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