Why should you care about net neutrality?

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I’ve been asked about net neutrality before, here’s a good video to help catch you learn about net neutrality.

What is net neutrality and why does it matter?

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This Senator’s Words Should Shock the American Conscience

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A Senator betrays the American Spirit and undermines our Freedom and Constitution

This morning I watched CSPAN2 to listen in on Congress as it discussed the issue of warrant-less wiretapping. Senators are intent on overhauling the outdated FISA legislation.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid lifted Senator Dodd’s hold and forced a debate on cloture that would circumvent a filibuster threat by Dodd. The immunity debate will likely have a strong impact on the direction of America as we move forward. As the debate on cloture unfolded, I was shocked at one statement in particular!

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama said in a derogatory tone:

“The civil libertarians among us would rather defend the constitution than protect our nation’s security.”

I am sure he realized how dumb he sounded because he stuttered as he made the statement. He made no apologies for the remark, however, and continued right along with his unique brand of ultra patriotism. If he really wants a true example of American patriotism, he only need look across the aisle at Senator Chris Dodd who stood up for our freedom this afternoon.

For a man who continuously promotes an “anti-terrorism” and “pro-freedom” agenda — one he calls essential to our national security — he sure has a funny way of showing his love for American liberty and democracy. Senator Sessions’ statement on the floor is consistent with the view President Bush has about the legitimacy of the American Constitution. After all, it is just a piece of paper! I can’t vouch for the video or legitimacy of the statement made therein, but it did come from members of President Bush’s staff. Regardless, the proof is in the pudding and the President’s horrible attitude has now infected Congress.

UPDATE: This is rich: Senator Jeff Sessions asked Americans to apologize for attacking President Bush and Congress for acting to “Protect the American people.” If I would have known this afternoon session was set to play out as a Comedy, I would have picked up some popcorn before tuning to C-SPAN.

If you are an Alabama voter, now would be a good time to give Senator Sessions a piece of your mind. http://sessions.senate.gov/email/contact.cfm

Even better solution:
Get rid of the bum.


From the comments, it looks like his words were taken out of the record. I’ll see if I can get a copy of the video, I don’t think he can modify that.

Barbara Boxer’s comments from the congressional record:

…this is a watershed moment for us. Why do I say that? I heard Senator SESSIONS come down and give a very eloquent speech. He said, ‘‘The civil’’—I am quoting him now—‘‘The civil libertarians among us’’—and then he listed all the bad things he thinks the civil libertarians among us have done. I hope every one of us—every one of us in this Chamber—supports the civil liberties of the United States of America because if you don’t, you don’t believe in the Constitution. That is where we get these rights.

We need a FISA bill that will help us continue to track the terrorists without surrendering our rights and our liberties, and this can be done. I hope we can get a coalition together and amend this Intelligence Committee bill in a way that will do just that. We need a bill that closes loopholes in FISA that clearly have been created by advancements in technology. I understand that. But we also need a FISA bill that, while it allows us to go after the bad guys, has proper checks and balances within it.