Republican Activists Push For Oil

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For decades we’ve all seen the decline of the Republican party.  Long gone are the days when the Republican party was truly interested in limiting the size of government and taxes.

The GOP today seems more interested in pleasing corporate lobbyists than cutting government down to size.  From the Patriot Act to FISA, modern day Republicans have shown that they trust big brother more than any person really should.  This morning, thirty supporters of the Republican Agenda stood at Capitol Hill demanding that Nancy Pelosi reconvene the House to do the business “of the American People.”

That’s right, Americans are who these oil lobbyists are fighting for.  Heck, if we’d just allow additional off-shore drilling so our oil companies can make even higher windfall profits, the American people would get relief at the pump!  Instead we stall and make it more difficult for our oil companies to support Americans with a two cent drop at the pump for a few days!

The new era of the GOP is the face of corporate America.  Whereas the stereotypes and misconceptions regarding conservatives tended towards greed and self-interest, it seems that these characterizations have become a reality.  Hopefully the party will rebound and leadership will be seized by sensible Republicans.  Until that happens, we’ll have to continue witnessing the kicking and clawing of the neo-conservative leadership as liberals take the helm of the House, Senate and American Presidency.

Bush Hitler Reference, Gotta Love The Irony

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The man and vision that many “liberals” and “un-Americans” have likened to Hitler and Nazi Germany is now giving lessons to the world on the danger of “appeasing terrorists” like “some” wanted back when Hitler was around.

Here’s a picture that seems more in touch with reality and world opinion.

Bush is Hitler

 President Bush’s values and appeal to nationalism and patriotism are so much more in line with Hitler than any “terrorist-appeasing” Democrat.  Both men resorted to insisting on wars of aggression to deal with “potential threats”.  Both led a movement that divided people based on nationality, party lines and patriotism.  The men are easily among the most delusional we’ve seen reach the highest levels of government and that includes Saddam Hussein.

If you want a bit of more delicious irony, George W. Bush actually has ties (his grandfather) to Hitler’s rise to the top.   I guess the bottom line is this: Bush, no one cares what you have to say, please go to your ranch, get old and die so the rest of us can move on with our lives.

When did gays become second-class citizens?

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Hot off the presses, it looks like California will continue leading the way on equal rights issues and gay rights.

California Ban On Gays Overturned

The news should take away some of the attention from the national election to the issue of gays and marriage.  The California Supreme Court has overturned the ban on gay marriage, setting a precedent for other states to potentially follow their lead.

According to CNN, the California Supreme Court struck down the State’s ban on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional.  The case came about when several gay couples joined the city of San Francisco and gay activists in suing to overturn the state law.  The law allows marriage to exist only between a man and a woman.  Essentially, it defined marriage as consistent within the religious meaning of the word rather than one based on individual rights.

Can gay rights make it passed the more recent blurring of church and state lines?

There should be plenty of resistance to this outcome from religious and conservative groups seeking to “preserve the sanctity of matrimony.”  This creates a very interesting political question because it pits two constitutional concepts against one another.  (Religious Freedom vs. Privacy)

Looking at this issue from a religious perspective, the problem with creating a law that defines marriage as anything but a man and a woman goes contrary to biblical teachings.  That is because homosexuality is deemed a sin as per Christian teachings and if the state allows an act illegal in “the eyes of God” then the State Law is contrary to biblical law.

Equality for all, live and let live?

The secular response of course is that religion should have no place in development of laws that govern the people.  This is the stance I’d take, particularly because I appreciate more of a “live and let live” philosophy.

Despite the partisan dialogs that will inevitably take place, should religious leaders simply denounce such unions and move on?Why do religious advocates insist upon government intervention on this issue?  If non-Christians and a part of the Christian base believe the state should stay out of the bedroom and/or provide equal rights for everyone, including gays, why are we so behind as a society on this issue?

Iraq War Angers Grandma

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Protesting Iraq War

Best President Ever!

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Infamous President George W. Bush

At NATO, this picture is very telling of his popularity world-wide.

President Bush Hated

It isn’t just his reputation that is in the gutter, the United States is the laughing stalk of the global economy and if not for our history and “super power” status, we’d be lucky to be invited to world events.

The Troops Salute President Bush

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At least that’s what the propagandists say.

Families, friends and loved ones are furious with President Bush and the majority of Americans that haven’t fallen prey to our partisan propaganda believe Bush’s time is up.

If you need motivation, just take a look at what happens, war is real it isn’t a fantasy:

Soldier disfigured

anti-China Propaganda

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I’m as anti-China as the next person when it comes to human rights issues.  However, now that President Bush has driven the U.S. into the ground and ruined our reputation, I don’t think we have any right to try and police the world on any issues.  Until we get our own house in order, we need to keep our mouths shut because we just look like a bunch of hypocrites.

China getting ready

5 Years Too Many, Protesters Are Tiring Of Iraq

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“I can’t believe I’m still protesting this shit!” The photo says it all.

five years too many

President Bush Desecrates American Flag

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Pushing illegal wars, encouraging war crimes, lying to the American people, are only a few of his violations of his oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  Sadly, the image below is only an illustration of a minor violation of the U.S. Flag Code.

Bush desecrates American flag

Barack Obama, the White House Hero

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Lots of pictures have been released with Barack Obama as the “star”, here are a few that went viral recently:

Barack Obama outside the White House

Cool Obama  - White House


Barack Obama, Jedi Master

Jedi Barack Obama


Barack Obama, All-American Action Hero

Barack Obama Hero

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