Republican Activists Push For Oil

August 4, 2008 | Filed Under Activism, political | 2 Comments 

For decades we’ve all seen the decline of the Republican party.  Long gone are the days when the Republican party was truly interested in limiting the size of government and taxes.

The GOP today seems more interested in pleasing corporate lobbyists than cutting government down to size.  From the Patriot Act to FISA, modern day Republicans have shown that they trust big brother more than any person really should.  This morning, thirty supporters of the Republican Agenda stood at Capitol Hill demanding that Nancy Pelosi reconvene the House to do the business “of the American People.”

That’s right, Americans are who these oil lobbyists are fighting for.  Heck, if we’d just allow additional off-shore drilling so our oil companies can make even higher windfall profits, the American people would get relief at the pump!  Instead we stall and make it more difficult for our oil companies to support Americans with a two cent drop at the pump for a few days!

The new era of the GOP is the face of corporate America.  Whereas the stereotypes and misconceptions regarding conservatives tended towards greed and self-interest, it seems that these characterizations have become a reality.  Hopefully the party will rebound and leadership will be seized by sensible Republicans.  Until that happens, we’ll have to continue witnessing the kicking and clawing of the neo-conservative leadership as liberals take the helm of the House, Senate and American Presidency.