Darwin or Bush – one of them is a mistake

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Darwin or Bush

Adventures of Rudy Munchausen

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I don’t know where the heck this is from, but it is pretty damned frightening if you ask me.

Baron Rudy


Killing American Soldiers For Profit

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While American political activists have given up on the “no more blood for oil” chants at their various rallies, people of the world still view the United States invasion of Iraq as being largely about oil rather than “Iraqi liberation”.

21st century Iwo Jima

With profits at Halliburton at over 3000%, it’s no wonder that some view our move over seas as synonymous with killing Americans and Iraqis in the name of money.

Mister 9-11 Man strikes again!

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Here’s a cartoon I found on Salon.com

Tom Tomorrow Cartoon - Rudy Giuliani spoof cartoon

American soldier’s lives vs. Black gold

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How many soldier’s to the gallon do you get? Wow, powerful statement, but quite crass.  Is there even a nice way to frame the argument?

iraq war

Sometimes, a lack of tact can help bring about change, but in this case, I think it just helps promote anger and resentment on both sides of the issue.

Beware the man-bear-pig!

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There is a political genius that comes from the writers of South Park. They’re self described libertarians, and I think a lot of their material is very funny. Some of the issues they harp about though are pretty dumb. I understand they are comics first, but there is an agenda there, they really are political activists at the core.

Check out one of their classic assaults on Al Gore, here’s the picture that’s gone viral a number of times.

man bear pig

The anti-Gore sentiment doesn’t come from the libertarian side, it’s more of a neo-conservative sentiment that has become a cornerstone of the GOP as a result of the polarization of American politics. Below is a clip from the infamous south park episode:

the Man-bear-pig episode, South Park – 2007

YouTube Preview Image

Funny episode, but really, why the heck do they hate on Gore so much? By the way, when the polar ice caps melt, there won’t be much time to enjoy your favorite south park episode,…. BOO!

Fuhrer Bush, no love at home or abroad

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Calling President Bush a Nazi is pretty boring, but it’s ‘out there’. There are many Americans who aren’t very knowledgeable about history, nor do they understand why it is a bit awkward to refer to Adolf Hitler vs. George W. Bush as one and the same. Aside from the unsophisticated level of the attack, you may as well call Bush a girl or gay, nazi? Seriously lacking in the creativity department.

Bush Fuhrer

The simplicity of the attack aside, it’s interesting how far Americans and citizens of the world have come in hating the American President. President Clinton was loved everywhere outside partisan circles. When he traveled throughout the world, everyone wanted to be a part of history, to just capture a single moment that they’d cherish for life. Americans would fall over themselves to see Clinton or shake his hand. President Bush on the other hand, is very unpopular! People see the fascism creeping into American democracy, they blame him for our loss of rights. They also see the Iraq War, failures, costs, dead soldiers, as strongly representing what this administration is all about. Pair that with fear-driven policy and you have “Fuhrer” George W. Bush.

Americans abusing kids as political props

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If it’s not some Senator waving pictures of America’s children to pass SCHIP, it’s another waving the American flag with one hand and holding a child in the other. Children are great pieces of propaganda when used properly, and it looks like the manipulation doesn’t stop inside our borders. Below is an image of a muslim child holding an American flag.

flag girl


It could be that this picture was taken by the little girl’s parents to show their support for the United States efforts overseas. Or, it could be that some reporter wanted a photograph that would impress the boss. Maybe, it was taken by CIA agents hoping to keep the political war away from the fire.

Whatever the reasons for the visual, it does send a strong message. Children will forever be exploited as long as mankind continues along this path of hatred, intolerance, violence and war. Does anyone know the origin of the picture? Better yet, feel free to contribute your own theories or opinions on this political artwork.

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Surveillance

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You know, Senator Harry Reid and  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, they get a lot of hell for not standing up against the President.  Lately, they’ve just seemed like a part of the problem rather than the solution to problems that plague our government.  Here’s an ACLU advertisement that rightly represents what the majority of Americans think about Democrats and their support for President Bush.

Sheep, Politics

There is no excuse for continuing to be weak on President Bush.  If you’re going to be tough on terrorism, then you have to be tough on the president because the issue of dying civil liberties and diminished constitutional protection for Americans is a big one.   Our leaders, however, are too afraid to stand up to the President.  They have bought into the propaganda that if they stand up against the corruption, they are doing the bidding of the “evil lefty blog-o-sphere”.  Now, whether or not they are influenced by smut they read online, the fact of the matter is that they were elected to do a job.  Stand up for Americans or get out of the way, because sitting around and doing nothing is a waste of everyone’s time.

Stop being afraid of the GOP, start acting with your hearts and souls, right now Congress has sold its soul and it is time to reclaim those lost souls.

WTB Tinfoil Sombrero

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Don’t ask me why, but I was doing a search for “Tinfoil Sombrero” and I found an interesting picture of Hillary Clinton. Is this the leader of the Tinfoil hat brigade and future President of the United States?

I have to say, Hillary Clinton gets a lot of hell for being the strong leader and political genius that she is, but Tinfoil hat?  Can’t say I’m a fan of her politics, she’s no Bill Clinton, but she’ll make a great Republican president, I’m sure.

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