When did gays become second-class citizens?

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Hot off the presses, it looks like California will continue leading the way on equal rights issues and gay rights.

California Ban On Gays Overturned

The news should take away some of the attention from the national election to the issue of gays and marriage.  The California Supreme Court has overturned the ban on gay marriage, setting a precedent for other states to potentially follow their lead.

According to CNN, the California Supreme Court struck down the State’s ban on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional.  The case came about when several gay couples joined the city of San Francisco and gay activists in suing to overturn the state law.  The law allows marriage to exist only between a man and a woman.  Essentially, it defined marriage as consistent within the religious meaning of the word rather than one based on individual rights.

Can gay rights make it passed the more recent blurring of church and state lines?

There should be plenty of resistance to this outcome from religious and conservative groups seeking to “preserve the sanctity of matrimony.”  This creates a very interesting political question because it pits two constitutional concepts against one another.  (Religious Freedom vs. Privacy)

Looking at this issue from a religious perspective, the problem with creating a law that defines marriage as anything but a man and a woman goes contrary to biblical teachings.  That is because homosexuality is deemed a sin as per Christian teachings and if the state allows an act illegal in “the eyes of God” then the State Law is contrary to biblical law.

Equality for all, live and let live?

The secular response of course is that religion should have no place in development of laws that govern the people.  This is the stance I’d take, particularly because I appreciate more of a “live and let live” philosophy.

Despite the partisan dialogs that will inevitably take place, should religious leaders simply denounce such unions and move on?Why do religious advocates insist upon government intervention on this issue?  If non-Christians and a part of the Christian base believe the state should stay out of the bedroom and/or provide equal rights for everyone, including gays, why are we so behind as a society on this issue?

Abortion: You know where I stand

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President Bush on Abortion.  “You know where I stand”

abortion debate

No, I am Muslim

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I am Muslim too

Making Fun Of Jesus Is Popular

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Lately, I’ve seen a lot of mocking of Jesus and religion and I can’t help but wonder if this is a backlash against evangelists who have treated atheists like animals over the years. Picked this up off of reddit, not sure who this site belongs to: “Amazing, Threat Alert Jesus

 Threat Alert Jesus

The atheist community is on a tear these days and they won’t stop until they’ve obliterated the “Christian” nation and other religious groups who threaten their liberties and way of life.  Can we chalk this up as a survival and defense mechanism?

Lost in Translation

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Hinduism – Culture & Society


I’m not sure what the significance of this artwork is, maybe someone out there can explain.

Mike Huckabee is a believer, mocks evolution

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Mike Huckabee spins a question on religion

YouTube Preview Image

It’s kind of funny, he pretty much says that if people want to believe they are descended from primates they have every right to believe it. On the question of whether he literally believes that Humans have only been around for six thousand years and that the Bible should be taken literally, he said “I don’t know” and said he wasn’t around to witness it but whether it is 6 days or six periods is irrelevant to creation.

What Would Jesus Do?

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Who Would Jesus Bomb?

YouTube Preview Image


Anti-War protesters disturb a private place of business in order to make a political statement. Civil Disobedience can often have a positive impact for the cause but will inevitably result in an arrest. People who engage in this kind of activism often say that it is “well worth it” because it helps make the world a better place for everyone.

Tombstone of an Atheist

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This is brilliant, it gives atheists and Christians a reason to smile when they visit the grave yard.

Tombstone of an Atheist

I know some might be offended by its presence, but I think most good-humored Christians would laugh at the irony.

Non-believers Make Baby Jesus Cry

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This guy isn’t going to take any chances. The Rapture is coming, after all.. and if you don’t prepare for it, God will show no mercy.

Jesus Car

South Park lesson on the Book of Mormons

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“All About Mormons” – South Park Episode 712

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