In God we do trust

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Well, not all of us, some Atheists are highly disturbed by religion and politics shacking up.  The image below is from an article in the Economist: “A frustrated group of Americans.

in God do we trust


Remember the “no hugs” controversy?

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What ever happened to family values, innocence, love and trust? Why are we having issues with little kids hugging in school, is this a government issue? Have we given education too much liberty to make decisions based on religious views? Was this an issue of religious over-protectiveness?

Below is a picture of the child who got into trouble for hugging in school! Yes, that’s her family, it is sad how far America has fallen.

No Hugs

One of my best friends is an Evangelical Christian and she went all the way with her kids. She removed them (three young girls) all from the public educational system. She believes public education is corrupt and a place where “evil” can flourish. Her kids are beautiful, believe in God and they make a wonderful little family, but they have no point of reference for the real world.

I’m concerned that the kids may not gain the skills they need to handle real life problems when they grow up. To each their own, I guess.

Americans abusing kids as political props

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If it’s not some Senator waving pictures of America’s children to pass SCHIP, it’s another waving the American flag with one hand and holding a child in the other. Children are great pieces of propaganda when used properly, and it looks like the manipulation doesn’t stop inside our borders. Below is an image of a muslim child holding an American flag.

flag girl


It could be that this picture was taken by the little girl’s parents to show their support for the United States efforts overseas. Or, it could be that some reporter wanted a photograph that would impress the boss. Maybe, it was taken by CIA agents hoping to keep the political war away from the fire.

Whatever the reasons for the visual, it does send a strong message. Children will forever be exploited as long as mankind continues along this path of hatred, intolerance, violence and war. Does anyone know the origin of the picture? Better yet, feel free to contribute your own theories or opinions on this political artwork.

Religion will be the end of all mankind

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Some people are waiting for a natural disaster, or “the Apocalypse”, or some other predictable way of ending life on earth. I think it’ll be religion, we provide the institutions with so much power and leaders refuse to use it for positive goals other than to promote their own religion at the expense of others. The problem with religion is that by believing that one religion is “right”, religious institutions see this as an invalidation of all other religions and philosophies as “wrong”.

Taking a page out of President Bush’s propaganda, this world will likely see its end come to a “Mushroom Cloud”, but not because of terrorism as we know it today. It’ll be because religious leaders are so eager to destroy other religions and the flock of people who follow their ‘leaders’ will stop at nothing to bury the opposition. Some day, nukes will be in the wrong hands and everyone will pay for the hate, intolerance, and evil that humans promote in the world under the guise of “religion.”

YouTube Preview Image

Religion, being as personal as it is, creates so much tension, hatred and anger in the world. The best thing we could all do is start encouraging our leaders, religious and otherwise, to start playing nice and stop bedeviling everyone else. When we spit on others, we should expect they will spit back on us. When we drop bombs and intervene in middle eastern affairs, we should expect that they will want revenge. This is a never ending cycle of violence when leaders refuse to step back into a birds eye view and accept life, history, and international relationships for what they are.

Killing in the name of God is “Evil”

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It would be difficult to argue that there is a single greater evil than the institutions that drive man to fight in the name of God.

A few sources of evil might come close: greedy corporations that choose profits over preserving our humanity, selfish people who choose personal wealth over the well-being of the greater good, successful people who do nothing to give back to their communities, and people who happily pollute the planet because they know their lifespans are finite and likely to end before the consequences of their actions will occur.

Despite the wealth of rude and selfish people that inhabit the earth, none of these selfish acts lead to death, violence, and murder. There is an argument to be made that corporations that mine oil, minerals and other resources help push agendas of evil in order to make more profit, but none of these “evils” promote intolerance, hate, death and destruction the way the institutions of Religion do.  In the interest of full disclosure, let me say that I am a former-catholic, but I currently identify with Christianity.

My reasons for embracing religion in my life have more to do with the positive effects that it has on people, rather than the negative. Some examples include: spreading of good deeds, helping others, but NOT “fighting evil” and imposing views of a “Christian” God on others who are unwilling to listen. I am opposed to the direction of religion because I believe we should all live and let live. This God that we all struggle to ‘find’ and understand, is no different in New York than it is in Texas or California. The God that we love to kill for in North America, is no different than the God that Islamic fundamentalist nuts are blowing themselves up for.

I refuse to believe that because someone was born on the other side of the planet, under a different ‘recorded’ history and interpretation of religious texts, that they somehow subscribe to some false God. If Religion didn’t exist, what would the world be like?

YouTube Preview Image

Would America be morally bankrupt, would citizens of the world not know ‘right from wrong’?

It’s sad to say, but this world would be better off if we didn’t have institutions driven by overzealous men and women quick to judge, who have no qualms with killing people who are ‘different’. What makes humans special is the ability to ‘reason’ and it supposedly separates us from the animals, although monkeys are known to exhibit similar characteristics…. Regardless, we know right from wrong and we should be able to see the error of our ways, if we simply choose to listen. We reason and embrace morality, not because of religion, but because of our interactions with one another and our understanding of ‘our place in the universe.’

We’ve all experienced or read about the evils of War at some point in our lives, our parents teach us how to properly interact with children at school and people in life. Morals are not a product of religion, but a product of humanity and it is unfortunate that people of the world have decided to tie morality to religion. Fighting in the name of religion and God is responsible for more bloodshed than any other entity, group or ‘evil’ people in history. If we could all step back and see how far we’ve diverted from the messages of Jesus that we all claim to be experts on, our reflection might lead us to see how evil we’ve all become. Christians Evangelicals and leaders of religious movements throughout the world are far removed from the bible, Jesus, and the teachings of our biblical ancestors.

Remember, no matter how you justify your actions and no matter what you say to convince others that you are messengers of God, good, and the American way… it doesn’t change the fact that you are inherently evil and YOU are not the final arbiter of Justice.

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