“Support the troops” – Homeless Vet Problem

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It’s appalling to see that so many veterans are homeless and/or suffering from mental disease without any support whatsoever from the same federal government that exploits them and ships them off to war.  These men and women fight for America’s safety, freedom, and an honor that few Americans would ever understand.   It is unbelievable how quickly our politicians and “supporters” forget the very people that they exploit in order to push political agendas and war.  The problem is obvious, it is a glaring reflection on societal greed and media sensationalism.

Homeless Veteran

The “I’ve got mine” crowd could care less about the fate of the Americans at the bottom of the food chain who are struggling to get a warm meal and survive another day.  You want to know why they don’t give a damn?  Because we allow them to get away with spouting the rhetoric but when the sky comes falling on our heads, we look the other way and blame no one.  For once, we should assign responsibility to those that created the problem to begin with.   Americans should put the burden on the fools who have impoverished further those who were already poor and pushed death upon those who simply wanted to “be all they could be”.

Bush Stands Behind Iraq Decision Despite Lies

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Everyone has read about the false intelligence used to sell the war in Iraq.  The President claims he had no idea that the intelligence was faulty or forced and had no reason to believe that he was being fed bad intel. by the CIA.  At the time, I remember how adamant President Bush was about the source and legitimacy of the information on weapons of mass destruction.

It turns out, President Bush told 935 lies leading to the war in Iraq.

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New Hampshire Election Fraud Caught On Tape

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Ballots were not placed in the vault and the so-called “Seal” did not actually seal the ballots in the container.

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Bill Maher Discusses Election Fraud

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Countrywide Controversy – CEO Scandal

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Top Headline on Reddit:

Countrywide CEO will get $110 million severance for creating subprime mess, and dumping $400 million in stock before CFC fell 80% as he was saying ‘everything is fine’. Where’s the investigation?

Well, suffice to say that it got my attention.  Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Mozilo has two pensions that his severance agreement gives him the right to receive as a lump sum upon his departure. Those pensions were worth $24 million as of December 2006, the last time the company was required to report their value.

There is more. The Times reports Mozilo would receive continuing health benefits for life for himself and his spouse, three years of life and financial planning benefits, and “tax-gross-up payments” to compensate him for any penalties he’d have to pay for receiving payments the IRS might consider excessive.

Given the slashing of 10,900 jobs at Countrywide this year, and the 81% decline in Countrywide stock over the last year, it is likely Mozilo’s severage package will prove more controversial than his previous stock sales.

Mike Huckabee exposed?

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Is there any candidate that is clean?

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If Mike Huckabee is a ‘bad guy’, is there a candidate out there that is GOOD?

Patriot Act abuse and your privacy rights

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One of the bigger scandals that has yet to hit our Bush Administration is the use of provisions within the patriot act that allow intelligence gathering that goes counter to constitutional safeguards so long as the situation calls for it.  Exigent circumstances from a legal standpoint, to put it simply means ‘impending danger, death, or threat’.  It’s like the use of “imminent threat” by the Bush administration when he led the nation to believe that Saddam Hussein was preparing some special red, white and blue mushroom clouds.

exigent circumstances

The telecommunications companies have received tens of thousands of these orders, I’m sure that the intel gathering didn’t happen on an individual basis either.  We already know the NSA has a base stationed within AT&T headquarters, so it’s not like they aren’t already listening in one capacity or another.  Doesn’t it frighten you the extent to which our government would go to control our nation?  Does anyone really think this is entirely about securing our nation from foreign terrorists?  One could make a legitimate argument that this paranoia and fear by government of threats has more to do with government control and power than security and safety of our citizens.

Rudy Giuliani’s answer to everything

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Tonight, during the youtube / CNN debate, I had to smirk at one of his answers. Rudy Giuliani made a ‘funny’ response on a question about his loyalty to the NY Yankees and why he cheered on the Red Sox during the playoffs. He said something to the effect of, “I’ll remind you that when I was mayor of NY, the Yankees won the Championship 4 times. Since being Mayor, they haven’t won the world series!”

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I know he was just joking, but the kind of logic reminds me of this family guy snippet:

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Rudy Giuliani, “President of 9/11″ and the reason the Yankees won four national titles! I wonder what’s going to happen with that latest scandal about misusing taxpayer dollars to fund his sexcapades in NY? Maybe Americans will look the other way, the way they’ve overlooked Valerie Plame Wilson’s outting, the Katrina massive government response failure, Alberto Gonzales’ lies, the U.S. Attorney firing scandals, Karl Rove’s role in all of these major scandals, the Libby conviction and pardon by Bush, and oh let’s not forget the false information fed the public while the President attempted to sell the Iraq invasion to the U.S. and world.

Given what we know about the Bush Administration scandals, isn’t Giuliani’s indiscretion just another drop in the bucket?

“Morons” – Giuliani attacks City Workers

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This is the man that is supposed to unite America and protect us from evil?

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Alberto Gonzales, executioner of Liberty

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Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was instrumental in helping President Bush send Americans off to get butchered in the middle east. He, like President Bush, is complicit in crimes that not only violate federal and international law, but do a number on the Constitution.

Alberto Gonzales

There is nothing about this administration that is good for America. We’ve lost so much of our essence to these murderers, and they sit around and smile. The smug look on their faces is enough to make any American gag. In the end, justice will prevail. Good WILL triumph over evil, it’s unfortunate that the rhetoric about good and evil is now best focused on our own country. Blood is on their hands and God will be the ultimate judge.

President Bush and Attorney Gonzales better come up with a better plan around the divine than “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and “God told me to invade Iraq” because lying won’t be an option.

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