“The Surge”- Truth Or Propaganda? Pick Your Poison.

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“The Surge” Propaganda

Most of us are intelligent enough to know that “surge” is nothing more than rhetoric used for the purpose of supporting a failed reconstruction in Iraq.   Even if you choose to believe that the surge is something more than a word used to characterize a failing strategy in Iraq, the fact of the matter is that circumstances in Iraq are no better than they were five years ago.

Desperate Republicans know that they have everything to lose if Democrats wrestle power away from them in 2008.  This so-called “surge” that John McCain has tied himself to is the latest in a string of cleverly manufactured propaganda strategies that will earn him points with the party loyalists, but won’t win him any elections.

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The lacking security aside, remember that the “surge” (TM) was not just a ‘positive’ way to characterize a build up of troops when America wanted withdrawal, but it also coincided with hundreds of billions of American tax dollars dedicated to paying off the opposition factions in exchange for short-term peace.

What purpose does short-term peace serve anyway?  The only purpose that makes sense is one that would help sculpt world and American public opinion on the matter.  Bottom line, John McCain has tied himself to a political theory that borders on the fraudulent and does nothing to improve our situation from a security or economic standpoint.

Even worse, we’re all at home living a lie.  Meanwhile, our soldiers are put in harms way and their way of life is a nightmare that none of us could ever truly understand.  Time to get rid of the pro-war bums and turn the page on Iraq.  One thing we must all remember is that it might not get much better than the current dire situation, but it certainly could get worse.

“The Surge” please, what a bunch of crap!

Is Iraq ready for the return of big oil?

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The New York times published an article about the rise of big oil post-Saddam.  Over thirty five years after Saddam Hussein ousted the major oil companies as he rose to power, our major oil companies are looking to get their hands on Iraq.   I guess the bigger question is, “Is the United States ready for the return of big oil?”

A New Brand Of Pissed-Off American

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I am just one American — of hundreds of millions of frustrated Americans — who really hates the new brand of “American Patriots.”

Just this month, Hillary Clinton explained why she believes she is a “better American” than Barack Obama.  John McCain, an American war hero blasts the “anti-American” Americans for not “supporting the troops,”  while Barack Obama clumsily trips over his own brand of Clintonian (Bill) rhetoric and no doubt has his idea of what it means to be an American.

Nationalism Kills

Patriotism has given rise to corporate fraud — see the home mortgage crisis, corporate bailouts and the economic death and resurrection of Bear Stearns.  Patriotism has allowed war crimes to occur with some regularity and go unpunished, while the merits of using torture are now fair game in a scholarly debate.  The average Joe has no problems with torture “because terrorists do it, why shouldn’t we?”  The words torture, treason, illegal, and “cover-up”  barely register on the American radar of justice anymore.

Reality Of American Politics and War

Here’s a reality check for all you woe-is-me propagandists who are focused on these trivial issues that are being used to divide Americans and control the outcome of the 2008 election: American men and boys in uniform are being blown up in the middle east while oil companies are making record profits and our government looks the other way!  Despite myriad American failures, patriotism has allowed an administration to get away with murder, so-to-speak.   Though we, the great Americans, may not see it, the rise of international hatred of Americans is becoming a concern for our government.  Patriotism has destroyed our ability to think about problems and solve them in the name of true justice or liberty.

Despite the illegal invasion of Iraqi soil, the continued illegal occupation of Iraq, the witness accounts of torture and mass murders of civilians by contractors, our media continues to focus on the words of pastors and the cries of American “patriots” who claim to be offended by elitism.  Maybe they haven’t been paying attention, but it is the “elite” that have been running our country for hundreds of years.  Don’t think for a second that you can find your way into the White House without being wealthy and very well-connected.

The betrayal and lies that have allowed propaganda to pass as “debate on the issues” needs to stop or the American spirit will forever break.  Do you still want to talk about how a Yale grad running for President is more or less “elite” than some Harvard grad?  Can we step back for a moment and talk about the real problems?

Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Exposes President Bush’s Lies

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It shouldn’t surprise anyone that President Bush has been lying about Iraq, war and the cost of his political agenda.

In 2005, a Nobel prize-winning economist began the painstaking process of calculating the true cost of the Iraq war. In his new book, he reveals how short-sighted budget decisions, cover-ups and a war fought in bad faith will affect us all for decades to come.

Our Soldiers Are Dying

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War kills, it’s a fact.

Soldiers of War

Our soldiers are dying, our loved ones are hurting, corporations are profiting.

Is it legal for Iran to waterboard our troops?

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Awkward exchange between Republican U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham and a Military legal adviser.

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We know that General Mukasey won’t answer the question about water-boarding.   Our CIA has pretty much admitted to the fact that the public was already aware of: the United States used water-boarding techniques against terrorists.   They’ve admitted to three water-boardings so far, so the question seems like a legitimate question.  Why is it just “simulated drowning” or “liberals getting worked up over water in the nose” when Americans use this against the enemy, but when pressed on whether it would be ‘legal’ for Iran to use it on our soldiers — suddenly the question is taboo?

Essentially, we’ve given not only ‘terrorists’ but any foreign enemy the right to water-board our soldiers without repercussions since we ourselves refuse to recognize that this is torture.  The fact that we prosecuted war crimes fully (of which water-boarding was one) during the Nuremberg trials is going to come back to haunt us.  Something has to give, this question isn’t going away.  The “noise” from human rights activists and civil liberty advocates won’t be silenced.

Berkeley Kicks Marines Off Campus, Republicans retaliate

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This is a pretty volatile situation brewing in northern California.  Berkeley is a world renown institution that is also associated with the anti-War protests of the 60s and 70s, that helped turn the tide of public opinion regarding the Vietnam war.  The Iraq War has become a highly unpopular war and the students and campus officials have had enough of the brutality, so they’ve made a decision to oust the military from recruiting on campus.

CNN has a story on the situation:

Berkeley, the famously liberal college town in California, has taken aim at Marine recruiters, saying they are “not welcome in our city.”

Republican lawmakers in Washington fired back this week, threatening to take back more than $2 million of federal funding to the city as well as money designated for the University of California-Berkeley, the campus that became a haven of protests during the Vietnam War.  The battle erupted after the Berkeley City Council approved a measure last week urging the Marine recruiters to leave their downtown office.

“If recruiters choose to stay, they do so as uninvited and unwelcome intruders,” the item says.  It goes on to say the council applauds residents and organizations that “volunteer to impede, passively or actively, by nonviolent means, the work of any military recruiting office located in the City of Berkeley.”

Polarization in our political system is at an all-time high it seems and it shouldn’t surprise you that legislation is in the works that would deny Berkeley of federal funding and divert the money to the military as ‘punishment’.  The Republicans that are spearheading this agenda are trying to send a message to Berkeley (and the country) that “they need to know their  actions have consequences”.  That’s not stopping the activists from doing their best to fight our federal government on the issue.

One giant sign said, “No Military Predators in Our Town.” Another message on a pink placard read, “Join the Marines. Travel to Exotic Lands. Meet Exciting and Unusual People — And Kill Them.”  Zanne Joi peered out from under her straw hat. “This Marine recruiting station is trying to recruit our youth to go to Iraq to kill and be killed. And we are against that,” said Joi, a member of Code Pink Women for Peace.

“This is part of a multi-pronged effort to end this war.”  Protester Sharon Adams added:  “This recruiting station recruits people to go fight and then once they fight and they serve their country, our country doesn’t take care of them. That’s a shame.”

There’s another side to the story,of course.  Anti-protesters were quick to point out their disgust with the situation at hand.

A group of young students who strolled down the sidewalk shared that sentiment. They derided one of the protesters who argued the United States was involved in an illegal war in Iraq.  “Where’s the logic in that whatsoever?” one of the young men said. “That’s our national security, and you’re here protesting the Marines.”  Another said, “It makes me sick. It makes me sick.”  Gunnery Sgt. Pauline Franklin, a spokeswoman for the Marine Corps Recruiting Command, told CNN there is “no plan for that office to move.”

She said recruiters are there to “provide information to qualified men and women who are looking for opportunities that they may benefit from by serving in the military.”  “The Marine Corps is here to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, which does guarantee the freedom of speech,” Franklin said. “In terms of the situation in Berkeley, the City Council and the protesters are exercising their right to do so.”

Super Patriots were working hard to do their part and fight back against the anti-War un-Americans.  (rolls eyes)

In Washington, a group of Republican lawmakers have introduced the Semper Fi Act of 2008 — named after the Marine motto — to rescind more than $2 million of funds for Berkeley and transfer it to the Marine Corps.   “Like most Americans, I really get disturbed when taxpayer money goes to institutions which proceed to take votes, make policy or make statements that really denigrate the military,” said Sen. David Vitter, R-Louisiana, a co-sponsor of the bill.

Violence begets violence – Mother/Child – War

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You will not find something like this in the media, but it captures so much that is wrong with war and how sad it is to lose loved ones due to politics. Sadly, many children are dying in Iraq, not only those of Iraqi women, but American women as well. Some day, the war will be over, but until that day comes — we should all band together and pray for a miracle.

Iraq woman and child - war and death

“Support the troops” – Homeless Vet Problem

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It’s appalling to see that so many veterans are homeless and/or suffering from mental disease without any support whatsoever from the same federal government that exploits them and ships them off to war.  These men and women fight for America’s safety, freedom, and an honor that few Americans would ever understand.   It is unbelievable how quickly our politicians and “supporters” forget the very people that they exploit in order to push political agendas and war.  The problem is obvious, it is a glaring reflection on societal greed and media sensationalism.

Homeless Veteran

The “I’ve got mine” crowd could care less about the fate of the Americans at the bottom of the food chain who are struggling to get a warm meal and survive another day.  You want to know why they don’t give a damn?  Because we allow them to get away with spouting the rhetoric but when the sky comes falling on our heads, we look the other way and blame no one.  For once, we should assign responsibility to those that created the problem to begin with.   Americans should put the burden on the fools who have impoverished further those who were already poor and pushed death upon those who simply wanted to “be all they could be”.

Democrats Humiliated By Nancy Pelosi

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Besides President Bush, there is no bigger failure in American politics than Nancy Pelosi 

Congressman Dennis Kucinich thinks Nancy Pelosi is out of line for taking impeachment off the table.  Most Democrats want to see justice served and Nancy Pelosi in her attempt to “protect the integrity of the Constitution” by avoiding using impeachment but in the most extreme circumstances (e.g. when a president receives oral sex in an illicit affair and lies about it under oath).  It’s true that Pelosi can make the argument that Republicans abused the impeachment provision and Democrats simply don’t want to bark up that tree.  What she is doing, however, is trivializing the need for an open government.  She is becoming an accomplice in the destruction of our constitution, democratic foundation and assisting the President in continuing to carry out his illegal war.

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Democrats need to replace her ASAP, the people need to vote her out of office and move forward.  I don’t care how well she does in other policy areas and how many great accomplishments she has as a Democratic ‘fighter’, she’s done more harm to this nation than any Democrat should.  She is obstructing justice and may as well be sent off in handcuffs with the President that she so adamantly defends.

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