Deadly Anthrax, an American Concoction

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Interesting bit on Youtube about the use of Anthrax as a biochemical weapon and how it most likely came from the United States.  In fact, the show below explains how the specific strand of Anthrax in question could only have been manufactured in the United States by our Department of Defense.  

History Channel’s show Conspiracies – United States BioDefense Program

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If you would like to learn more about Anthrax or the United States covering up the tracks of Anthrax, you can check out this article at the Anti-War Website.  “Covering the Tracks of Anthrax Attacks.

935 Lies Later, Bush’s Iraq War Quagmire

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President Bush lied 935 times as he pushed the war on Iraq.  To this day, he stands by his decision and makes no apologies for the mistakes in judgment that may have been made by his subordinates.  The faulty intelligence problem might never be resolved and with impeachment in “talk mode” rather than “action” mode.. there is a chance that the lies will die with the president.

President Bush’s 935 Lies – Iraq War and the War on Terror

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Bush Stands Behind Iraq Decision Despite Lies

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Everyone has read about the false intelligence used to sell the war in Iraq.  The President claims he had no idea that the intelligence was faulty or forced and had no reason to believe that he was being fed bad intel. by the CIA.  At the time, I remember how adamant President Bush was about the source and legitimacy of the information on weapons of mass destruction.

It turns out, President Bush told 935 lies leading to the war in Iraq.

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War on Terror, the Board Game

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It’s amazing what people will do to make money or “learn”.  Look at this image, from the list of the “world’s most controversial board games“.

the War on Terror Board Game

War on Terror, the Board Game

This just in: Bush is not a War-monger

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ABC News quotes the president as saying “They view me as a war monger”

The president sat down with “Nightline” co-anchor Terry Moran at one of the vast royal palaces, and it became clear who holds the cards right now in the oil markets, with the price up near $100 a barrel. The president, who once said he’d “jawbone” Saudi leaders into lowering prices, told Moran what he intended to say to King Abdullah on the topic in their meeting.

“I will say to him that, ‘If it’s possible, your majesty, consider what high prices is doing to one of your largest customers,’” Bush said. “In other words, the worst thing that can happen to an oil-producing nation is that the price of oil causes the economy to slow down, because that will inevitably lead to fewer purchases [of oil].”

Pretty damned funny.

Here’s the article, you have to read it! “They view me as a war monger

21st Century Army Recruiting

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The U.S. Army is getting creative with the recruiting process.  Our foreign policy demands are high and our children are at risk.

I found this add off of the social networking site,

Army Strong – “Sniper School Training and Halo 3 Tournament”

Army Strong

President Bush Trip To Israel

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President Bush visits Israel

President Bush visits Israel

President Bush isn’t ready to be insignificant just yet. He made a trip to Israel and gave a scathing speech on the state of terrorism and the threat of Iran on world stability.

Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

Blackwater Continues To Make Headlines

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When Blackwater Is In the News, It’s Always Bad

If corporate headquarters over at Blackwater had half a brain, they’d try and clean up Blackwater’s act from here on out. More of Blackwater’s Iraq atrocities are coming to light and they aren’t sitting very well with Americans. One afternoon, in the “Green Zone” that is typically flooded with Iraqi civilians, drivers and U.S. military personnel, the knuckleheads at Blackwater decided to release a nerve agent (e.g. via the Chemical Weapons — “WMDs” that made former Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein so dangerous) in the area.

Suddenly, on that May day in 2005, the copter dropped CS gas, a riot-control substance the American military in Iraq can use only under the strictest conditions and with the approval of top military commanders. An armored vehicle on the ground also released the gas, temporarily blinding drivers, passers-by and at least 10 American soldiers operating the checkpoint.

“This was decidedly uncool and very, very dangerous,” Capt. Kincy Clark of the Army, the senior officer at the scene, wrote later that day. “It’s not a good thing to cause soldiers who are standing guard against car bombs, snipers and suicide bombers to cover their faces, choke, cough and otherwise degrade our awareness.”

The use of nerve gas in a highly reckless manner versus an enemy during a skirmish or surge of sorts is one thing. But using it on or near civilians and U.S. military personnel? No, No, NO. These guys need to be reigned in, has Blackwater even left Iraq after their government demanded they leave? My guess is no.

None of the American soldiers exposed to the chemical, which is similar to tear gas, required medical attention, and it is not clear if any Iraqis did. Still, the previously undisclosed incident has raised significant new questions about the role of private security contractors in Iraq, and whether they operate under the same rules of engagement and international treaty obligations that the American military observes.

“You run into this issue time and again with Blackwater, where the rules that apply to the U.S. military don’t seem to apply to Blackwater,” said Scott L. Silliman, the executive director of the Center on Law, Ethics and National Security at the Duke University School of Law.

Sure, Blackwater has a good reason for its actions? There must be a good excuse or defense, right? Anne Tyrrell, a spokeswoman for Blackwater, said the CS gas had been released by mistake.

“Blackwater teams in the air and on the ground were preparing a secure route near a checkpoint to provide passage for a motorcade,” Ms. Tyrrell said in an e-mail message. “It seems a CS gas canister was mistaken for a smoke canister and released near an intersection and checkpoint.”

She said that the episode was reported to the United States Embassy in Baghdad, and that the embassy’s chief security officer and the Department of Defense conducted a full investigation. The troops exposed to the gas also said they reported it to their superiors. But military officials in Washington and Baghdad said they could not confirm that an investigation had been conducted. Officials at the State Department, which contracted with Blackwater to provide diplomatic security, also could not confirm that an investigation had taken place.

Read the full story: “2005 Use of Gas by Blackwater Leave Questions

Joe Biden nailed Rudy Giuliani during Debate

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Classic moments of the Democratic Nomination primary

In a jovial moment during one of the Democratic debates, this has to be one of the best ideological zingers of the primary season.  Joe Biden said that all Rudy Giuliani knows is three words, “a noun, a verb, and 9/11″.

Joe Biden on Rudy Giuliani’s candidacy

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A Fair and Balanced Fraud

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Rupert Murdoch uses money, power and his media empire (including Fox News) to shape public opinion. This shall be filed under the “what else is new” category, we all already knew this. I guess it’s good to see the schmuck admit it.

Fox News – Corporate Fascism – Programming the masses to support Iraq War

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