Cavuto blames Pelosi for high gas prices

November 17, 2007 | Filed Under deception, media, Media Bias 

Gotta love Fox News!  This is too much, funny, but damn… are you serious with this b.s.?

Neil Cavuto blames Nancy Pelosi for high gas prices

Above screen shot was originally posted on the talking points memo.

It’s easier to just blame Nancy Pelosi then go after the real reasons why gas prices are soaring:

  1. Iraq War
  2. Corporate corruption
  3. Decreasing resources
  4. OPEC
  5. the world hates us
  6. the dollar is weak

I could come up with a lot of reasons that are related to higher gas and energy prices, but the last thing in my mind is Nancy Pelosi an anti-War and anti-Bush activist who represents the Democratic party as Speaker of the House.

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