Hillary Clinton, Pretty in Pink?

November 23, 2007 | Filed Under deception, Gossip, media 

This summer everyone was raving about Hillary Clinton’s “new look”. Her wardrobe has had somewhat of a makeover and for the most part I think she looks pretty sharp.

Hillary Clinton Fashion

Is Hillary’s fashion sense really such a big deal? Our nation that is stuck with a multi trillion dollar war, struggling social and racial classes, religious tension, near bankruptcy, a weakened dollar and economy, a terrible educational system, and the list goes on.. yet our news media found time (I’m talking days) to harp on Hillary Clinton’s “makeover”. If you subscribe to any conservative literature, especially the stuff that comes from the Human Events group, you likely receive the e-mail that says “Hillary Clinton’s EXTREME makeover…”

What a joke, our Democracy is crippled and our Constitution is on life support and we’re bullshitting over fashion, Hillary’s cleavage and whether or not she is “fake”. What I know about Clinton — although she is not my top choice– is that she is very intelligent. She actually represents Yale University well, unlike President Bush who doesn’t even seem fit for trade school, much less one of the most prestigious universities in the world!

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