Phony Soldiers come out of the woodworks

November 11, 2007 | Filed Under deception, media, TV Ads 

Rush Limbaugh enraged veterans everywhere with his comments on “phony soldiers” that liberals like to find to make their points.

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What I don’t get about the war on terror is how so many Americans are so eager to exploit “the troops” ™ for political gain.

The extent to which our pundits and ‘patriotism’ take us in order to ‘win’ a war of rhetoric is disturbing. I’d wager everything I own that the majority of American soldiers are Democrats or benefit primarily from policies put forth by Democrats. For Republicans to go out and seize “the troops” because they happily forfeit their futures in exchange for ‘security’ and politics is despicable. Next time a “patriot” tells you to support the troops in response to a political question or argument, tell them to go F themselves.

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