Alberto Gonzales, executioner of Liberty

November 21, 2007 | Filed Under government, News, scandals, War 

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was instrumental in helping President Bush send Americans off to get butchered in the middle east. He, like President Bush, is complicit in crimes that not only violate federal and international law, but do a number on the Constitution.

Alberto Gonzales

There is nothing about this administration that is good for America. We’ve lost so much of our essence to these murderers, and they sit around and smile. The smug look on their faces is enough to make any American gag. In the end, justice will prevail. Good WILL triumph over evil, it’s unfortunate that the rhetoric about good and evil is now best focused on our own country. Blood is on their hands and God will be the ultimate judge.

President Bush and Attorney Gonzales better come up with a better plan around the divine than “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and “God told me to invade Iraq” because lying won’t be an option.

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