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February 22, 2008 | Filed Under Elections, News 

Hillary Clinton almost had a big moment during last night’s debate

In what looked like, possibly the best moment of last night’s debate for Hillary Clinton with the audience at the edge of their seats, Clinton bombed on a one-liner.  Hillary said that if this primary election is going to be made on words, then they should at least be your words.  The audience was rowdy and sounded like they were going to give Clinton a standing ovation.   What happened next was typical of what has happened throughout this Democratic primary.  Hillary didn’t stop while she was ahead, she wanted to go in for the kill.  “That’s not change that the people can believe in, it’s change you can Xerox…” After that statement, Clinton almost got booed off the stage!

Here’s a clip of Hillary’s moment with a rebuttal from Barack Obama’s supporters regarding her lifting of previous phrases.

“Change you can Xerox”

YouTube Preview Image

What does this segment of the debate tell us about Hillary Clinton and the democratic party?   Not a whole lot because it’s a lot of the same old bickering between two prominent candidates that most Democrats share an affinity towards.  We’re starting to see a trend from audiences that show up to these Democratic debates, it seems like more than anything they want both candidates to come out “winners”.

Die-hard Democrats are still holding out hope for a “dream ticket.”   I’m not so sure that Hillary Clinton would be ready to play second fiddle, unless of course you take into account that she would be in a great position to be president in 2016.  Barack Obama isn’t ready to be a VP either and with or without the VP slot, because of age, he may be in a position to run this campaign again if he doesn’t win the nomination.

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One Response to “Change you can Xerox”

  1. Andre on December 5th, 2014 6:45 am

    about the Democrats facing a “McGovern-type dablcee” in 2008. I think it will actually start with the elections this year. I’m not a political analyst, but my prediction here is sort of gut-level: 1. All the focus for the progressive netroots is on Ned Lamont’s race in Connecticut. He will lose to Lieberman. 2. The loss will galvanize Democratic Party leadership into doing something to distance themselves from the progressives and netroots. They will fire Howard Dean and begin to shore up their centrist positions and candidates. This will cause a massive rupture in the party. 3. The progressive/netroots side will form a third party and will have their own nominee. They’ll haul Nader out of the attic, dust him off, and shove him back into the spotlight. 4. This massive party split will cause votes to be siphoned from the Democratic candidate, more than there were in 2000. 5. The Republican candidate will win in a landslide.

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