a tale of conservative shame and guilt

November 20, 2007 | Filed Under News, scandals 

Conservatives can be weird sometimes. One of the issues that has been raised throughout the early 21st century is the rampant hypocrisy that plagues the GOP. They say one thing and do another. For years, they’ve been the “party of family values”. Yet, one scandal after another, we find that conservatives are into tapping toes in Airport bathrooms. Conservatives also seem to like same sex anal play more than openly gay people, it seems.

I know a tightwad is probably going to report the page as ‘improper’ and it will be taken down, so here’s a screen shot of the above linked page:

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I’m not judging them for being into ass play, but you have to admit that it’s a bit hypocritical to have such a profound interest in dirty play and play the holier than thou card in public. It’s not just gay sex that they seem hypocritical about, but cheating on wives, prostitution, drugs, bribery, the scandals run the entire gamut of ‘evils’ that they claim they are above. Now, as a semi-religious person, I recognize that no man is free of sin. We are all susceptible to evil, Republican or not. The problem is that the party has taken the stance of criminalizing liberalism and bedeviling all non-Christians, and when it is discovered that they themselves are among the biggest culprits of sin, they say nothing. You could hear a pin drop — in a room filled with conservatives– after all of the gay scandals and the revelation of Madam Palfrey’s whores.

So what is the party going to do now, it’s seriously crippled right now and everyone is disgusted with the GOP and its direction. Yes, even conservatives are shaking their heads in disgust at what the party has become.  Only the neo-conservative nuts are defending the party’s evil ways these days, it’s really sad.

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