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November 30, 2007 | Filed Under News 

MSNBC published an article “Migrant never thought to leave boy…

An illegal immigrant who gave up his long walk into the U.S. to help a boy whose mother was killed in a van crash in the desert said Wednesday that he never thought of leaving the child. “I am a father of four children. For that, I stayed,” Manuel Jesus Cordova Soberanes said in Spanish from his home in the Mexican state of Sonora. “I never could have left him. Never.” Authorities said Cordova may have saved the life of 9-year-old Christopher Buztheitner, whose mother was killed when their van ran off a cliff in a remote area north of the Mexican border on Thanksgiving Day.

Article about the loss of America’s humanity: Illegal immigrant hero deserves a medal and Visa, not deportation.

The Mexican consulate in Nogales is trying to obtain a short-term visa for Cordova so he can come to Arizona and be recognized for his actions. I suggested instead that the US government should send him a legal permanent Visa and invite this hero to come to the US. I noted, “The next time you hear some immigrant-basher refer to ‘those f***ing Mexicans,’ think of Manuel Jesus Cordova Soberanes.”

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