Jesse Ventura For President?

April 2, 2008 | Filed Under Elections, government, Interviews, News 

Larry King interviewed Jesse Ventura last night and had a number of interesting questions for the former wrestler-turned-politician.

Mr. Ventura spent most of the interview trying to turn the conversation to revolution and the sham that has become our political system.  He called for destruction of all political parties and said people shoud run on their own merits and that it is the two-party system that has harmed our country, he pointed at the economy and war in Iraq as a joint effort by both parties and insisted that he would never participate as long as the only options for president are Republican or Democrat.

“I never vote Democrat or Republican,… I will pick someone else, a libertarian on the ballot. Someone else. I will not vote for a republican or democrat. I don’t do it every election — I wish they would allow none of the above on the ballot.”

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Ventura says he won’t run for President because the bar has been set too high for independents.

 ”they make an independent like me jump through 50 different hoops,… every state has different things you have to do to qualify to get on the ballot”

In addition to the criticism of our democratic system for being unfair to independent thinkers, he insisted that he wasn’t bitter about his prior withdrawal from politics.  His wife was suffering from illness at the time and he said he would put his family before anything, it was a no brainer he contended.   In all, Jesse Ventura looked like a strong prospect for an independent or libertarian run.

Ventura was certaintly not lacking in enthusiasm, although some of the analysts brought a bit of their ideology to the debate and it did take some of the wind out of his sails.  He wanted no part of the Hillary Clinton / Barak Obama primary discussion, although he did say he respected and admired Hillary Clinton as an intelligent politician, he had no interest in talking about the system in place.

Is it possible that Jesse Ventura will run for President?  No, not very likely, but he did say that if the sham system were replaced with something fair that no candidate would stand a chance.  He called Republicans and Democrats afraid of him because they know that he could beat them with his hands tied behind his back.

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2 Responses to “Jesse Ventura For President?”

  1. james mckinnis on April 10th, 2008 6:31 am

    sadly the electorate in this formerly great nation still cannot face the basic question which is the validity of the two party system–

    ventura is absolutely right–the system, which is in itself a corporate structure based on money, power and self-preservation, could not survive a serious challenge–ventura taught them that in minnesota when the two major parties arrogantly ignored him as a nuisance–

    jesse ventura is the complete package–a brilliantly articulate, principled and straight-talking american patriot in the true sense who does not speak from scripts, prepared by pollsters and speechwriters who control the candidate’s message–he speaks from the heart and mind, able to state clearly the myriad of issues which confront and disturb us and for which we need REAL SOLUTIONS, even if they seriously and drastically revamp the current american system which left the rails and has been careening without regard for anyone other than the special interests for the last half century–

    jesse ventura for president NOW!

  2. Supertruth on May 12th, 2008 11:53 am

    What are the chances of getting a Congressional Investigation into a political system that is designed to bankrupt America?

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