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November 11, 2007 | Filed Under Elections, government, News, War 

Politics, particularly on the GOP side has gained a nasty reputation for being propelled by ‘fear-driven’ propaganda. If I hadn’t heard it with my own ears, I might call the claim of ‘fear-driven’ politics a false claim or one based on propaganda itself. However, our President and current GOP leaders who are front-runners in the primary nomination, make no apologies for using the kind of rhetoric that has pinned the GOP in a corner over the Bush years.

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What is most fascinating to me, is that they don’t see how detrimental this “fear-mongering” is. While, I recognize that “fear-mongering” is a propaganda driven statement, what they do is frighten Americans into submission. The problem that they seem oblivious to, is that people who have their backs against the walls (un-American liberal pussies) are in a fight or flight situation. If you take a look at the liberal movement right now, they are in fight mode.. they aren’t running away from anything no matter what GOP strategists would have you believe.

In the eyes of most liberals, the GOP is a bigger threat to America than any 3rd world terrorist ever was. They believe, and I to a certain extent, that the far right has harmed our nation far more than Al Qaida did on September 11th. It seems like an extreme and irrational statement to be made and even more difficult to defend, but the current ‘feel’ in America is that the GOP is the party of ‘evil’ and anything or anyone would make for a better candidate than another Bush-clone. Oddly enough, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney have done their best impressions of President Bush and are trying to run on the ‘fear-driven’ agenda that has brought the GOP to its knees.

Not this time, my Republican friends, not this time.

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