Most Profitable 2007 Biz: it’s an Oil Company

January 16, 2008 | Filed Under News 

Don’t forget, these are the “good guys”. They wouldn’t gauge you or profit off of America’s struggles. All those problems you are experiencing at the pump have to do with our global war on terrorism and shortages manufactured by those vile Saudis!

Most Profitable Company of 2007: Exxon Mobile

“The oil giant racked up $39.5 billion in earnings last year, the largest-ever profit in U.S. history. That figure topped the previous record of $36.1 billion, also set by Exxon Mobil, in 2005. Profits were up 9.3% from the previous year, while sales rose 2.2%.”

CNN has the top 20 list for most profitable companies, feel free to check it out after you are done breaking your property in a fit of rage.

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