Patriot Act abuse and your privacy rights

December 2, 2007 | Filed Under government, News, scandals 

One of the bigger scandals that has yet to hit our Bush Administration is the use of provisions within the patriot act that allow intelligence gathering that goes counter to constitutional safeguards so long as the situation calls for it.  Exigent circumstances from a legal standpoint, to put it simply means ‘impending danger, death, or threat’.  It’s like the use of “imminent threat” by the Bush administration when he led the nation to believe that Saddam Hussein was preparing some special red, white and blue mushroom clouds.

exigent circumstances

The telecommunications companies have received tens of thousands of these orders, I’m sure that the intel gathering didn’t happen on an individual basis either.  We already know the NSA has a base stationed within AT&T headquarters, so it’s not like they aren’t already listening in one capacity or another.  Doesn’t it frighten you the extent to which our government would go to control our nation?  Does anyone really think this is entirely about securing our nation from foreign terrorists?  One could make a legitimate argument that this paranoia and fear by government of threats has more to do with government control and power than security and safety of our citizens.

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