Presidential Candidates – Cartoon Style

January 28, 2008 | Filed Under Elections, government, News 

political humor comic of the candidates

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One Response to “Presidential Candidates – Cartoon Style”

  1. Amat on December 25th, 2015 7:34 pm

    and done. Former President Bush and all people of poistion, power, and influence are acting and talking as if it is a done deal. Obama is the president. This makes us all a bunch of uncooperative Mavericks!We all who believe with our very heart beat that Obama is a Usurper will need to become a very large, major force to make ourselves heard, respected, and ultimately feared in every legal and political corner of America. It is my gut feeling if we fail to do this and Obama remains an unchallenged Usurper three months from now, then we will be stuck with the farce for his full term. That might be the next 40 years if succeeds in becoming dictator.It looks to me we have just a few choices. 1.fDo like the rest of the sheep and follow blindly and silently; 2. leave the country, 3. Unite and fight on all level but this first requires a plan and unity.usa patriots shout

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