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November 15, 2007 | Filed Under News 

Amazing, in the short time that this blog has been up, I’ve seen quite a bit of traffic trickle in. What is even more amazing is the amount of traffic that has come in from outside of the United States. I’d like to introduce myself and hope that you will join me in an attempt to change the course in America. I’m an attorney, entrepreneur and blogger from the Silicon Valley. You will often find me unleashing my thoughts at the White House Intel Report or posting political photos and films at the Viral Politics page. The Internet has become an important medium for change and while legislators and political adversaries will surely write this off in disgust, what I know and what you likely know is that the ability to communicate with masses online is going to change the playing field.

Most of Congress and the President and his thuggish administration are clueless about wireless communication. They know how to allow wiretapping and invasion of American and world citizen’s privacy, but beyond that they know very little about the power of the Internet. I want to prove to them and the world that an online site and community can be effective in promoting change in America. Our country is at war in Iraq, but it is also dealing with increasing strife at home. There is a war in the United States over the future of this nation; the war is between people who love freedom and liberty and those who fear terrorism and embrace Fascism.

Nazis in Germany failed to overtake their government but they certainly tried. Adolf Hitler failed as his propaganda backfired on him and he inevitably got pushed aside by the good people of the World. President Bush will be no different. It’s time to put this man in his place, he’s weakened from a political standpoint and we can’t allow him to regain his position of strength in the oval office. He has the support of 25% of the nation right now and aside from the partisan nuts, your typical ‘rational’ American can’t stand President Bush. This isn’t just ‘disapproval’ of the President’s job. Americans hate President Bush, they hate what he stands for and despise all he has done to destroy our “free” democratic nation.

What makes our situation in the United States interesting is that we aren’t talking about a rogue nation in the middle east, this is the UNITED STATES. We’re the only remaining world super power and many nations fear to challenge our activity in the middle east. Why not challenge America from within? Why shouldn’t we put our politicians feet to the fire? Let’s rock this nation with our words, our hearts, and our souls and show the world that the America they have learned to despise is not the America that we know, love, and embrace. We must regain their faith and reposition ourselves on the global stage or this country will be forever lost.

It’s time for change, will you join me or will you sit back and do nothing like many people that are indifferent about the state of our nation and the state of the world? If you’d like to know more please read the about page, join as a member, and subscribe to the news feed.

Thank you!

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