if you say “support our troops” then do it

November 17, 2007 | Filed Under News, War 

Support the troops by protecting their children, support them and bring them home

Anti-War advocates often raise the issue of family and friends who have lost their lives due to illegal Iraq war and Bush administrative policies. Pro-War advocates often counter the anger by calling these anti-war Americans “unpatriotic” or “unAmerican”. In the end, it’s a bickering session by two interests that are forgetting the most important people of all: the children.

YouTube Preview Image

We’ve become accustomed to using children as props. Whether it is SCHIP or combating terrorism, children have become the face of “the future” and we often forget just what kind of affect our political sparring is having on the young. It isn’t even the psychological affects that come with such a negative environment in America, it is the War itself and the ramifications of constantly fragmenting families in order to continue the war. The children in the video above had to see their dad taken away more than one time, they expect daddy will never come back home. What does that do to a child if the same problem can severely affect the mind of a person three times or even ten times their age?

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