“Support the troops” – Homeless Vet Problem

February 7, 2008 | Filed Under Activism, government, News, scandals, War 

It’s appalling to see that so many veterans are homeless and/or suffering from mental disease without any support whatsoever from the same federal government that exploits them and ships them off to war.  These men and women fight for America’s safety, freedom, and an honor that few Americans would ever understand.   It is unbelievable how quickly our politicians and “supporters” forget the very people that they exploit in order to push political agendas and war.  The problem is obvious, it is a glaring reflection on societal greed and media sensationalism.

Homeless Veteran

The “I’ve got mine” crowd could care less about the fate of the Americans at the bottom of the food chain who are struggling to get a warm meal and survive another day.  You want to know why they don’t give a damn?  Because we allow them to get away with spouting the rhetoric but when the sky comes falling on our heads, we look the other way and blame no one.  For once, we should assign responsibility to those that created the problem to begin with.   Americans should put the burden on the fools who have impoverished further those who were already poor and pushed death upon those who simply wanted to “be all they could be”.

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