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November 15, 2007 | Filed Under News 

Americans are looking for something, few know what that something is. A Revolution is desperately needed in the United States. It doesn’t have to be a violent overthrow of government, no one wants that. What Americans want is a revolution of ideas, we want change and we’d all like to see the bums in Washington that are part of the problem tossed out on the curb.

What better way to start off a revolutionary site than off the back of the campaign that is honoring American ideals and the Constitution?

Ron Paul is one of few politicians that recognizes American dysfunction and failures of our Democracy
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Democrats have been fighting “the good fight” in Congress, trying to undo the damage that the GOP and neo-conservative movement has done during President Bush’s terms in office. Democrats have struggled with two very critical issues. 1) They don’t have the numbers to vote on any significant measures to counter Republican partisanship. They’ve had to fight filibusters and Presidential Vetoes and threats of such maneuvers against Democrat-passed law. 2) They don’t have the leadership or the guts to put it all on the line and make a stand for their convictions.

What do Americans want, is it Revolutionary change?

Many Americans are divided on the issue, on the one have they have expectations that Democrats would FIX everything that Republicans broke, on the other hand, they now feel like Democrats are becoming part of the problem. What does that leave you? Libertarians and anti-establishment Americans will tell you that Ron Paul is the answer. That may be so, but can he lead us behind Libertarian philosophy if he is unwilling to play the game in Washington? That would be the big issue facing Ron Paul as we move forward.

He is known as “Dr. No” in some circles, because he is frequently the sole NO vote in the legislatures. Maybe that’s what America needs, maybe we need something more… a revolution of ideas might be the answer, stay tuned for more…

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