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November 10, 2007 | Filed Under News 

The 21st century has blessed us with Google, Youtube, Myspace, and a host of other web apps and social networking platforms that provide us with an easy means of transferring information. Viral marketing is the future of politics, we all know that. We’ve seen Ron Paul rise from obscurity to revolutionary in a matter of months and the Internet is highly responsible for allowing him to spread his political message to the masses.

I won’t bore you with my theories on where viral marketing and politics is headed, but I’d love to have you join me on a fun journey to turn up interesting and fun political pictures, flicks and other info that has ‘gone viral’ or is likely headed in that direction.

Enjoy the site, please don’t forget to add the <a href=”http://viralpolitics.com/feed/”>RSS feed!</a> Comments are greatly appreciated, spread the word and enjoy, thanks.

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