Killing in the name of God is “Evil”

November 11, 2007 | Filed Under political, religion 

It would be difficult to argue that there is a single greater evil than the institutions that drive man to fight in the name of God.

A few sources of evil might come close: greedy corporations that choose profits over preserving our humanity, selfish people who choose personal wealth over the well-being of the greater good, successful people who do nothing to give back to their communities, and people who happily pollute the planet because they know their lifespans are finite and likely to end before the consequences of their actions will occur.

Despite the wealth of rude and selfish people that inhabit the earth, none of these selfish acts lead to death, violence, and murder. There is an argument to be made that corporations that mine oil, minerals and other resources help push agendas of evil in order to make more profit, but none of these “evils” promote intolerance, hate, death and destruction the way the institutions of Religion do.  In the interest of full disclosure, let me say that I am a former-catholic, but I currently identify with Christianity.

My reasons for embracing religion in my life have more to do with the positive effects that it has on people, rather than the negative. Some examples include: spreading of good deeds, helping others, but NOT “fighting evil” and imposing views of a “Christian” God on others who are unwilling to listen. I am opposed to the direction of religion because I believe we should all live and let live. This God that we all struggle to ‘find’ and understand, is no different in New York than it is in Texas or California. The God that we love to kill for in North America, is no different than the God that Islamic fundamentalist nuts are blowing themselves up for.

I refuse to believe that because someone was born on the other side of the planet, under a different ‘recorded’ history and interpretation of religious texts, that they somehow subscribe to some false God. If Religion didn’t exist, what would the world be like?

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Would America be morally bankrupt, would citizens of the world not know ‘right from wrong’?

It’s sad to say, but this world would be better off if we didn’t have institutions driven by overzealous men and women quick to judge, who have no qualms with killing people who are ‘different’. What makes humans special is the ability to ‘reason’ and it supposedly separates us from the animals, although monkeys are known to exhibit similar characteristics…. Regardless, we know right from wrong and we should be able to see the error of our ways, if we simply choose to listen. We reason and embrace morality, not because of religion, but because of our interactions with one another and our understanding of ‘our place in the universe.’

We’ve all experienced or read about the evils of War at some point in our lives, our parents teach us how to properly interact with children at school and people in life. Morals are not a product of religion, but a product of humanity and it is unfortunate that people of the world have decided to tie morality to religion. Fighting in the name of religion and God is responsible for more bloodshed than any other entity, group or ‘evil’ people in history. If we could all step back and see how far we’ve diverted from the messages of Jesus that we all claim to be experts on, our reflection might lead us to see how evil we’ve all become. Christians Evangelicals and leaders of religious movements throughout the world are far removed from the bible, Jesus, and the teachings of our biblical ancestors.

Remember, no matter how you justify your actions and no matter what you say to convince others that you are messengers of God, good, and the American way… it doesn’t change the fact that you are inherently evil and YOU are not the final arbiter of Justice.

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