Democrats Humiliated By Nancy Pelosi

February 3, 2008 | Filed Under War 

Besides President Bush, there is no bigger failure in American politics than Nancy Pelosi 

Congressman Dennis Kucinich thinks Nancy Pelosi is out of line for taking impeachment off the table.  Most Democrats want to see justice served and Nancy Pelosi in her attempt to “protect the integrity of the Constitution” by avoiding using impeachment but in the most extreme circumstances (e.g. when a president receives oral sex in an illicit affair and lies about it under oath).  It’s true that Pelosi can make the argument that Republicans abused the impeachment provision and Democrats simply don’t want to bark up that tree.  What she is doing, however, is trivializing the need for an open government.  She is becoming an accomplice in the destruction of our constitution, democratic foundation and assisting the President in continuing to carry out his illegal war.

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Democrats need to replace her ASAP, the people need to vote her out of office and move forward.  I don’t care how well she does in other policy areas and how many great accomplishments she has as a Democratic ‘fighter’, she’s done more harm to this nation than any Democrat should.  She is obstructing justice and may as well be sent off in handcuffs with the President that she so adamantly defends.

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